Dimple Creation Surgery Cost in Mumbai Is Surprisingly Affordable

When making a decision for getting a dimple surgery, you need to be very confident that the results of the surgery will be exactly as you wanted. There are tons of plastic surgeons out there with all sorts of education and extensive training, the doctor you choose must have a keen eye for giving you the most natural and beautiful look. Dr. Siddharth Prakash is a well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeon who works at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. He is a graduate of Mumbai’s KEM Hospital and Boston’s Harvard Medical School.

Dimple creation surgery cost in Mumbai

Dimple creation surgery cost in Mumbai is only Rs 40000 to Rs 50000, and you are never going to regret it. This surgery can help you have the most natural-looking beautiful dimples while giving a sparkle to your smile. So, if you are someone born without dimples, you can easily get them with a simple surgery that won’t even leave a scar.

With such an affordable cost of Dimple creation surgery in Mumbai it is clear why it is becoming increasingly popular among the young and old alike.

Who is the best candidate for the surgery?

We all have our own concepts and ideas of what is beautiful. So, when it comes to getting dimple surgery, your doctor will make sure that your overall health is good and that a minor procedure is safe for you are not. Your doctor will also review your complete medical history and the medicine you are taking.

A little Background Check

Dimples are small natural depressions in the cheeks or chin or any other body part like the back. In some Indian ethnic cultures, people perceive dimples as a sign of beauty and attractiveness. In some eastern traditions, they are even considered a sign of luck and fertility. However, west cultures love dimples because they look very cute and make the person look beautiful. Naturally, they are present on both cheeks and appear when the person smiles or stretches their cheeks.

They actually appear when there is a defect in the buccinator muscle in the cheeks and when there is a split between the zygomaticus during inheritance. This muscle is responsible for the raising of the upper lip, so when this muscle adheres to the cheek muscle, it results in a dimple.

And when we smile, muscles contract, and overlying skin show indentation.


The surgery is performed in a doctor’s facility with local anesthesia and the visit includes maximum of one and a half hours (half an hour for anesthesia, half for surgery, and a half for other protocols.

After the anesthesia, a small cut is made on the inside of the cheeks where you need a dimple. Then self-absorbing sutures are placed for adhering the muscles in place and they get dissolved within a few weeks.

Similar to natural muscle formation, the plastic surgeon adheres to the cheek and skin muscles resulting in a dimple during smile as the muscle contracts. After healing, the tissues permanently adhere to each other connecting the muscle and skin together. This process creates a dimple in muscle movement and mimics the natural process.