Dimples Are Cute – Now Everyone Can Get Them

Aesthetic treatments and cosmetic operations are becoming more popular, among which dimple surgery is of no exception. It’s a simple procedure that may give you attractive dimples or enhance the appearance of your existing ones. If you have ever looked, you will have seen that people with dimples always look cute when they smile. Getting the look of a dimpled smile can now be done through surgery. To get a Dimple, you have to find the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai. Dr Siddharth Prakash is a well-known cosmetic and plastic surgeon who works at Mumbai’s Lilavati Hospital. He went to the KEM Hospital in Mumbai and the Harvard Medical School in Boston and graduated from them. He can serve you in the best possible ways.

Are you healthy enough to have this surgery?

This procedure is a good choice for anyone over 18 who don’t have dimples in their cheeks. It is a very simple outpatient surgery and does not require any preparation at your end.

Procedure of Dimple Surgery

This minor procedure only takes the doctor 20 minutes to do, making dimples on both sides of the face. A local anesthetic will be given to you during the process, making you look entirely numb. Others choose sedation and a local anesthetic to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. First, your doctor will mark your skin to show where the dimple will be. He will also use lines to make sure everything is where it should be. The indentation will be made by cutting into your cheeks from the inside and sewing your cheek muscles to your skin with sutures that dissolve over time. It could take up to three months for the stitches to dissolve completely, leaving behind a permanent mark. Other sutures in your mouth will fall apart in 7 to 10 days.

What Happens After The Surgery?

This procedure doesn’t have many risks or harmful effects. But your cheeks may be swollen or bruised for about a week. The dimples will look fake for roughly a month and stand out even when you’re not smiling. As the sutures break down over time, dimples will only show up when you smile or tense your muscles. Even though the dimples may fade over time as you age or your body changes, you can always have the procedure done again.

Final Results of Dimple Surgery

Most of the time, the dimples stay and don’t go away. Your dimple will be very noticeable at first while it heals, but it will flatten out over time. After a few weeks, the dimple will show up. After cosmetic surgery, you might wake up with dimples on your face and not see the full results for three months. Also, the final result depends on what each patient has been through and how good their doctor is.


Aside from antibiotics and painkillers, you may also get several other medicines. During the first week after surgery, you’ll need to take medications, stop smoking, and eat soft foods. However, the consultation with best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, India can resolve any untoward symptoms immediately.

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