Diversify Your Product Line with Customized, Canvas Tote Bags When Running an Etsy Store

Tote bags are a thing that people carry everywhere with them. Whether you are walking around a park with wrapped-up stuff for a picnic or going to the grocery store, you will always need a tote bag.

Tote bags are versatile items since they can be reused for groceries or other shopping purposes. They also can be used as a purse. Women are nowadays opting for stylish tote bags due to their huge capacity to hold many items right from water bottles, books, make-up items, and much more.

If you are running a small store for garments or other unique items, it will be the custom canvas tote bags that will be the main charm of your store. Branded tote bags are said to earn more advertising impressions than any other promotional item. In this regard, wine tote bags are an awesome thing to add to your store. They are useful, creative and people love to own a customized wine bag.

Customized wine tote bags

Wine totes are available in various sizes, colors, and styles. If you stock your shop with custom wine bags, it is going to capture your brand’s aesthetic value while also offering an exclusive product quality. Custom Earth Promos offers reusable wine totes that are made from eco-friendly materials. They serve as superior alternatives to bulky plastic or cardboard containers that are used for keeping wine.

They offer a wide selection of wine totes for keeping 1,2,4 and 6 wine bottles while also accommodating an amazing wine preference bag. You can order in bulk and get these bags printed through overseas production. Size adjustments can also be made to add pockets, buttons, or zippers.

Designing a blank canvas bag

When you are purchasing blank canvas bags in bulk, you get the chance to build a brand for your shop with your designs. Since they come in varieties of colors and styles, you can select a perfect blank base for your brand that is both visionary and creative. Some examples of options are:

  • Colorful designs in abstract form
  • Song lyrics in lovely fonts
  • Unique words and their meanings
  • Interesting quotes and phrases
  • Scenic photos

Branded tote bags as a marketing strategy

Canvas tote bags are a common promotional item that people usually carry with them. Printing your brand logo on such tote bags is a brilliant marketing strategy as it gives enough exposure to your business. The owner of the bag carries it to places and your brand is visible to everybody. It becomes like a walking billboard when people carry their tote bags.

High returns

Tote bags are inexpensive and when you buy them in bulk, you are spending only $2. After printing your exclusive design, you can sell them for at least $15, which gives you a minimum profit of $13. Moreover, labor costs are also very low.

Custom totes are one of the best items for making a small business into a profitable one. These bags are going to be around for a long time. You can print a huge variety of designs on blank totes and make them appealing for every customer.