Do Patios And Decks Increase Home Value?

In recent years, modifying outdoors, such as deck building, has grown in popularity. And it’s clear why. A deck or patio can be quite handy if you’ve ever enjoyed wonderful weather and delicious meals while relaxing on your patio or deck with friends and family. Outdoor living areas allow you to have precious experiences.

Patios And Decks For Homes

Before contacting the deck builders near you, there are many factors to consider to make an ideal outdoor space. The best option is the one that will increase the value of your house while giving you and your family a wonderful outdoor space. We’ll discuss the facts and respond to the following frequently asked questions to determine which is ideal for you: Does a patio or deck increase the value of your house?

Generally speaking, a deck will increase the value of your home more than a patio. Return on investment (ROI) for decks ranges from 65 to 85 percent, while that for patios is between 40 and 65 percent. Contact deck contractors near you to find ROI for the modification you plan.

A patio or deck should look “at home.”

Your new outdoor living space should seem natural in addition to complementing the design of your house and the surrounding surroundings. New patios or decks might occasionally produce an unfavorable contrast between your house and the new building. i.e., the addition appears “too new.” This frequently occurs when performing DIY deck or patio projects.

Hiring a professional deck railing company will cost extra money in all scenarios, but it’s usually worthwhile. If done correctly, your patio or deck will be spotless and appear to have been a part of your house since it was constructed. If you are living in Calgary neighborhoods, Sundeck Solutions offers the best deck builders in Calgary.

How much resale value does deck building add to your home?

In short: Your home will surely benefit from having a high-quality deck added on by a professional deck railing company. So how much does a deck add to your house’s value? Experts estimate that a deck offers a resale value of at least 76 percent, more than almost any home improvement project. This way, you can calculate your home’s estimated rise in value. Adding a deck for $10,000 will typically raise its value by about $7,600, or 76 percent of the total.

Of course, depending on where you reside, the true value changes a little. Reach out to deck builders near you to discuss your plan. The materials you choose can also impact the value at resale. Wood decks’ affordability and popularity in the housing market provide the best value.

How much resale value does a patio add to your home?

Despite having a higher market value than a deck, outdoor patios are typically less expensive to create. You have a right to anticipate getting your money back. Wahoo! These kinds of bragging rights are uncommon for house upgrades. But be careful not to overdo it by pouring concrete all over your backyard; only some patios have that much of a resale value. The trick is to update your yard just enough so you don’t lose money when it comes time to sell.

A modest patio is typically preferable to a large patio because most families want a large yard with lots of grass and other landscaping. Concrete, brick, tile, hardwood, or flagstones can all be used to construct patios. But concrete costs the least ($5 per square foot) and is the ideal choice for optimizing resale value.

Deck or Patio? Which one is easier to build?

You already know that a patio has a little higher resale value than a deck. However, since both patios and decks significantly increase the value of your property, it is typically advisable to discuss the plan with deck builders near you and choose the option that most appeals to you. And when you’re making that choice, you might want to consider whether building a patio or a deck is simpler.

  • A patio is typically considerably simpler to install than a deck. Concrete is essentially poured, allowed to dry, and finished! It’s all set to go. However, patios need a lot of preparation before you start working on them.
  • As opposed to this, a deck can be erected on level or sloping terrain, but it does need a support system, which experts best design. Ask your deck railing company to make the decks waterproof to prevent the house’s foundation from being harmed.


Patios and decks can uplift a home’s curb appeal and significantly boost the overall resale value. You can find a deck railing company in your area to get an idea about the most cost-effective decks.

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