Do You Know About Implant Dentures? Read on to Find Out

Do you have one or several missing teeth that leave you with an embarrassing gap? Missing teeth make smiling, chewing, and talking difficult, especially in a social setting. Thankfully, museum district implant dentures effectively seal all the gaps and restore normal teeth function. Implant dentures attach directly to your jawbone, thus integrating with your jawbone to give you a more comfortable and natural feel. You can then talk freely, chew and speak properly without feeling self-conscious. Here is a discussion of some facts about implant dentures.

Who Needs Implant Dentures?

You qualify for an implant denture if you have a lot of missing teeth or all. However, you may need to have enough jawbone so the dental implants can stay firm. Implant dentures usually replace several teeth at once. Your doctor may recommend having dental bone grafts to add density and volume to areas of bone loss.

Are Implant Dentures Removable?

Implant dentures come in removable and fixed options, and your doctor will choose the right one for you, depending on your jawbone health, medical history, and preferences. Removable implant dentures will stay in your jawbone until you want to take them out. You can also remove implant dentures daily if you want to clean them. On the other hand, fixed implant dentures are not removable. You will continue brushing them like your natural teeth and floss them. Implant dentures will not slip or shift when you speak, eat, or chew and are more comfortable and secure.

What is the Procedure for Placing Implant Dentures?

Your treatment will involve several steps, but it may also depend on how many missing teeth you have. First, your doctor will begin by extracting damaged teeth and performing a bone graft if you have a reduced jawbone density. You may need to go home as you wait to heal before having the implant. Meanwhile, your doctor will place a healing denture. Next, your doctor will place the implant denture into your jawbone, and it may take up to six months for fusion between the implant and jawbone. After you heal from the placement, your doctor will make impressions of your dental arches and use them to make your dentures. Lastly, your doctor will attach your dentures to your implants.

How Long Before Recovery?

You may feel normal after a week following your treatment, but over the following months, healing will continue. You may take up to 6 months to experience a full recovery from placement, and longer if you had bone grafting.

Will Implant Dentures Last?

You must practice regular dental hygiene to maintain your new implant dentures. In fact, with proper hygiene, they can serve you for a lifetime. However, you may need to replace the denture that goes on top of your implants after every 15 years.

Implant dentures differ from traditional ones because they attach directly to your jawbone through dental implants. Your doctor will place the dental implants and then attach an overdenture on them, which you can replace after several years. Implant dentures do not slip or shift because they are more stable and comfortable, allowing you to speak, eat and chew freely. You can benefit from implant dentures, especially if you have several missing teeth in different jaw areas. Depending on your condition, you will choose from removable and fixed types of implant dentures.