Do You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer? Understand the Different Laws that Can Protect You

People love their dogs and dog lovers also find dogs can truly look out for them and be their best companion and friend. However, some dogs are not so friendly and may attack without provocation or because of an owner’s negligence. So, if you get bit by a dog unexpectedly, you need to discuss your case with an attorney.

It also helps to learn more about leash laws and what statutes can protect you. Click here to know more information will give you more insight about some of the regulations.

The One Bite Rule in Texas

Unsuspecting Texans get viciously attacked by dogs annually, which often leads to severe emotional pain and physical injuries. However, the law in Texas for dog bites is rather lenient. As a result, it can be difficult to receive damages from a dog’s owner or to successfully prove a case.

That is why you need to hire a dog bite lawyer who is well-versed in the law and has a proven success record in these types of lawsuits. Use his or her experience to get the money you need to pay for your medical care and alleviate the stress of pain and suffering.

The one-bite rule in Texas is designed to give a dog owner one “authorized” bite before he or she is considered liable for their dog’s behavior. To find an owner culpable, in this respect, the following events need to take place:

  • The owner had knowledge their dog bit someone else or is considered dangerous
  • The bite or mishap occurred because of the dog owner’s negligence
  • The accident was directly attributable to an animal control violation or dog bite illegality
  • The owner purposely allowed the attack to take place

Lillian’s Law

One of the laws in Texas designed to protect dog bite victims is known as Lillian’s Law and is named for a Texas woman, Lillian Stiles, who was 76 years old when she was attacked by her neighbor’s dogs which had escaped from their property. A pack of six dogs, who were part Pit Bull and Rottweiler, descended on the helpless woman and mauled her to death.

The brutal assault occurred while the elderly woman was cutting her grass at her home in Thorndale, Texas in 2005.

When the Law Was Passed

The law went into effect in 2007.

Why the Law was Passed

Jose Hernandez, who was charged with negligent homicide in the case, was not convicted of the charge. Therefore, the verdict triggered lawmakers to draft Lillian’s Law.

While this law does not make up for the attacks that have already killed innocent people, it does give a dog bite victim an edge when they are seeking compensation and some type of justice for their dog bite injuries.

How Lillian’s Law Can Help Dog Bite Victims

Under this Texas law, a dog owner whose dog attacks someone unprovoked and causes them bodily injury can face a penalty of $10,000 and imprisonment of two to ten years. The law makes this type of attack a third-degree felony.

The Current Leash Law in Texas

The new leash law in Texas enforces a tie-out of at least 10 feet and prevents the use of weighted chains. While it is helpful to keep a pet tied, and discarding weighted chains prevents animal cruelty, it also may be dangerous if a dog has more room to move out  over an area.

Why You Need to Speak to a Dog Bite Lawyer

The one-bite rule does not always stand up in some cases. That is why you need to contact a lawyer who understands what it takes to win a dog bite case. Review your options now by calling a Texas dog bite attorney and setting an appointment for a free consultation.

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