Does Acupuncture Work? Let Us Discuss Some Facts

Right now, acupuncture is all the rage. However, it is far from new. While many believe it originated 2,000 years ago, initially, people used it in Asian nations like China. Many alternative therapies reduce pain, anxiety, and stress and release muscle tension. Balancing your chi, or life energy, improve health and wellness. An acupuncturist near me has gained experience treating patients and relieving their problems. 

While many refer to it as painful since it involves needles, it is far from that. Instead, it calms the body and differs from yoga or massage. The following are some facts:

Relaxes the body

Acupuncture involves needles but is far from painful. It is so relaxing that patients fall asleep during the session. They bear no resemblance to the needles for drawing blood or injections. While there might be a slight pinch with the pin setup, a deep relaxation typically occurs within minutes. Frequent clients describe the calming effect to be different from yoga or massage.


While everyone’s results and experiences with acupuncture differ, countless studies demonstrate its effectiveness. A study by researchers at an institute showed positive results when they performed acupuncture treatments on stressed patients. Therefore, when you visit an ayurvedic wellness centre, you can opt for this treatment to calm stressed muscles, boost mood, and increase pleasure.

Balances the interconnected systems

Research continues to explore the possible neurochemical mechanisms of acupuncture’s pain-relieving effects. Many believe it works by stimulating a nerve that signals the brain to release pain-relieving hormones, including Endorphins, in the body. These hormones help suppress pain and increase your overall mood, happiness, and pleasure.

Requires training

Once you complete your degree and become a certified acupuncturist, you can open acupuncture clinics. However, you must attend many continuing education classes to pass the exam and get the certificate. The programmes educate you on bodywork, nutrition, practice management, ethics, needle techniques, acupuncture points, and western medicine.

It is multi-purpose

Acupuncture indeed does wonders for pain management.  However, it can also reduce other side effects and conditions, including headaches and migraines, depression, nausea, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. Australia and acupuncture have a close relationship as they offer the best treatments in that country.

Eases pain

Several studies suggest real acupuncture may help ease chronic pain, including osteoarthritis, low-back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and knee pain. It may also reduce the frequency of tension headaches and prevent migraine.

What to expect?

After knowing the benefits and facts, you can be confident about the treatment. On your visit to an acupuncturist in sydney, answer questions about your health conditions and the approaches used. Let them know what you do to manage your health to ensure coordinated and safe care.


You can search for acupuncture at the nearest clinics online and book an appointment with them. The treatment leads to the release of the body’s natural painkillers and affects areas in the brain that process pain.

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