Does Career Counselling Help Students?

Students are usually confused and overwhelmed when deciding on a career path. This is when career counselling is essential for a student. 

44% of Indian youth say that career counselling is essential. But only 1 in 10 students receive career guidance in our country. 

Proper career guidance with Expertrons

Career counselling for students helps them decide the best career for them. 

Students and parents realise the importance of career counselling when it’s too late. It’s difficult for students to select a career path. So, don’t be one of them. 

The job opportunities for students are improving daily. In such cases, the students want to pursue higher placements and employment.

But, why do graduates struggle to choose a career?

Due to expectations and peer pressure, individuals choose a career they can’t sustain. The fear of failure leads to students making poor decisions. Furthermore, this leads to anxiety and frustration. 

Hence, Expertrons believe that career counselling for students is the key to avoiding such outcomes. 

Why is career counselling necessary?

It has been difficult for students to pursue a career in their dream colleges. Hence, students and parents are under great pressure to make their careers better. Career counselling helps the students decide on their careers. 

The objective of career counselling is to achieve the development of a student.

For this reason, career advisors examine people’s strengths. They guide the candidates on how to start their jobs and be successful. 

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Undoubtedly, it is an exciting opportunity to get new skills and certifications to boost your career. 

So, what are the functions of career counsellors?


  • Skill-based research: 

There is a vast demand for job opportunities, and people want their work finished faster. Career counsellors can reduce students’ pressure and stress in shaping the future. 

  • Skills to handle:  

They teach students how to begin their jobs. For this, they have to be approachable and friendly. So, students listen to their point of view. 

  • To communicate: 

People who know about career guidelines should have a clear view of them. This defines how they communicate with the people who have doubts.

The need and importance of counselling:

  • Introspection

When candidates work with counsellors, they start to understand themselves. 

Students become more confident and clear about what they want to pursue. 

Career guidance is one of the best ways to reach out to youngsters. It takes care of the student’s betterment. It gives confidence to people in how they work and makes them think in a better way. 

Career counsellors seek students’ attention to building their careers. This is because they can get good institutions. 

But, career counsellors help guide them in the best way. They raise students’ confidence in enabling them to learn a new skill. 

  • Exploration

Education is a fear for most students these days. They are afraid and seek a bright future. So, they decide what course to take and the best course to study for a better life. 

Education has become a business for many people. So, the career counsellors save us from making mistakes. They pave the way in selecting the right subject and institution for us. 

Expertrons’ teams understand the job market and the benefits of each career. Counsellors tell them what to expect and how to prepare themselves for the future.

  • Clarity

The counsellors at Expertrons prepare students to prepare for all kinds of scenarios. Candidates receive alternative career options throughout the sessions.

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  • Support

Career guidance allows students to discuss their issues and get their queries answered. In such situations, students understand the need for counselling. 

Key Takeaway: Get the best career guidance with Expertrons

What does counselling teach us?

It teaches us to make bold decisions. So, the counsellor brings out the abilities within us to build our careers. It also introduces the significance of working smart. 

This will create a significant impact on the positive development of students. With the Expertrons PLUS program, you can speed up your career in the right direction. 


What is career counselling?

Career counselling is the approach that allows a student to choose the right career. 

Why career counseling is important?

Career counsellors understand your talents to help you find the right career.

Why do we need counselling?

Expertrons has a panel of 6000+ industry experts from 500+ domains. These experts have bridged the gap for 3,50,000+ students by offering career guidance. And there are over 200+ career paths and 3000+ occupations.