Does Exercise Help To Sober You Up?

Hanging out, boozy nights, and chilling- most of us long all week to live this life during the weekends. Well, as fun it sounds, somewhere, we get boozed up a little too much amidst all the fun. While it is okay to gulp down a peg or two, but what lies ahead is the challenging task of sobering yourself up or in simple words, curing the hangover the next morning.

Is there, however, anything you can do to get sober? The quick answer is NO. Essentially, your body processes to absorb the alcohol but additionally, there are many ways you can work to sober yourself up.

Exercise is one of the many techniques and methods which can help you sober up and cure your hangover. Again, there are two sides to the coin. It is not a guaranteed solution to your hangover but exercising effectively can help calm your mind and thus relieve your boozed-up symptoms. On the other hand, exercising during a hangover can also worsen the symptoms.

Thus, this article is your guide to balance the two notions out and get acquainted with the concepts of exercises and their role in sobering you up.

How Does Exercise Help To Sober You Up?

Exercising or doing any kind of physical activity has long been considered a magical way to keep yourself healthy and fit. If you are boozed up, exercising will, however, be the last method you would want to try out. But here is why you should consider doing physical activity to help sobering yourself up-

  • Exercise generates endorphins.
  • It helps to boost mood.
  • It also increases oxygen supply to the brain which helps the mind to gear up and work effectively.
  • Exercising is also likely to give you more energy and make you feel better.

With exercise, you need to know that heavy workouts do more harm than good in curing your hangover. Thus, it is always advised to start and complete with light exercises.

Exercises For Curing a Hangover

A difficulty level of easy to moderate in exercising is acceptable to cure a hangover. Here are some quick easy-to-do exercises to help get you sober up.

Standing forward fold

This kind of exercise calms the mind and helps the body rejuvenate up. It also facilitates maintaining blood pressure which is a very important step especially if you have had a boozy night.

Standing in the forward fold stimulates the abdominal organs, mainly the liver and kidney, which are the key organs for detoxification. This exercise also helps to maintain good blood circulation and facilitates proper oxygen flow.

Child’s pose

Consuming alcohol leads to dehydration which ultimately causes acidity and constipation. This exercise is a perfect buster for such issues. It stimulates the internal organs, eases blood circulation, check this weight loss product and keeps the digestion in the right fit.

Infinity walk or the 8-shaped walk

8 shaped walking or otherwise known as infinity walk, is walking in the shape of 8. It is one of the easiest and effective exercise regimes and can literally be tried out anywhere right in your room to a big ground.

As evident, walking is already one of the most common and easy-to-go physical activities one can do. When you walk in a North-South direction (against the earth’s magnetic field) in the 8 shapes, your body absorbs energy and activates the chakras responsible for normal hormonal function.

This ultimately helps in keeping the metabolism and mind activity stable and thus reduces the effect of extreme booze hangovers.

Generally, too, 8-shaped walking helps in better respiration, aids digestion, improves cognitive function, helps in boosting mood and relieving stress, and maintains normal blood sugar levels.

Burpees exercises

Burpees exercises are full-body workouts that provide a great deal of strength and are very good for your cardiovascular health. Now, if you ask how does burpees exercise benefits you to get over an overnight hangover, the answer is simple. You have to take it as a pre-hangover workout.

Before you shoot in for a boozy night, perform 2 pushups and then 2 burpees at least for 30 seconds, and then rest for the next 30m seconds. Continue this for the next 15 minutes. In this way, your body adapts the strength to withstand the hangover and thus quickly sobers up the next day.

What To Take Care Of While Exercising To Sober Up

Involving exercise in your ‘hangover cure’ routine is not bad but before you hit the ground, you must know the potential risks of exercising during a hangover.

Dehydration, in most hangover cases, is limited to a dry mouth, and to the extreme levels, it can cause dizziness. Dehydration becomes more dangerous when perspiration and exercise are added to the equation.

When you are already boozed or are in a hangover, you experience nausea, fatigue, lightheadedness, tiredness, etc. Exercising during this situation can increase the risk of injury. Additionally, you may also not be able to focus and concentrate properly as you are already high.

So, it is always advised to perform light exercises like walking, stretching, etc. during your hangover. Avoid high-intensity long-duration workouts.

Apart from exercising, here are some quick TO-DOs you can add to your list to cure your hangover-

  • Get a good amount of sleep. The more peaceful your sleep is, the calmer your body will get and it will be easier to recover from your hangover the next morning.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is literally the key to sobering up. Dehydration due to a hangover can lead to many typical symptoms leading to health complications. Make sure you gulp down the optimum amount of water to keep yourself stable.
  • Coffee and other caffeinated drinks act as stimulants that increase alertness and relieve stress. Consuming these in optimum and limited amounts can help you get over a hangover.

Bottom Line

Does exercise help you sober up? Yes, it does help you cure your hangover. But it is not the only solution. With light to moderate feel-good exercises, other ways mentioned above should also be taken into consideration in order to wake up all fresh and sober.