Does OnlyFans Show Up on Background Check?

OnlyFans is a popular online platform for content creators of all varieties to interact directly with their fans. However, due to the many adult uses of the platform, creating an OnlyFans account may raise some concerns in those who want to keep their regular day jobs and utilize the website as a side hustle.

This article will answer your questions about whether or not you can expect to see your OnlyFans information on a background check and where information about your account might show up.

The Stigma Surrounding OnlyFans

OnlyFans was created in 2016 and was initially intended to be a subscription-based content creation platform for content creators of all varieties. However, it quickly became popular with those looking to make adult content, and the website has now gained a reputation as being where sex workers can share videos and pictures on a subscription basis.

Because of this reputation, some companies or employers may see applicants with an OnlyFans as troubling, as an OnlyFans account can easily interfere with the standing or values that a company is trying to broadcast to the general public. As a result, many individuals with an account do their best to keep their identities anonymous.

What a Background Check Will Show

If you have previously created an OnlyFans or plan to create one in the future, you may wonder if this account will show up on your background check report. After all, a background check report is often requested when you apply to a new job, and an OnlyFans account listed on it may potentially interfere with the hiring process.

Fortunately, your OnlyFans account is not likely to turn up on a background check report. Most background checks only evaluate criminal, civil, and education or employment history. They do not look for social media accounts or related information, and there are laws governing what employers are allowed to do with the information they learn from a background check.

If you have taken steps to keep your OnlyFans anonymous—or you aren’t well-known on the platform—the chances are that your account will not appear in your background check.

Situations Where Your OnlyFans Might Show Up

While your OnlyFans account is unlikely to show up on a general or criminal background check report, there are some situations where information about it might be accessible to the general public. First of all, it’s important to remember that once you post something on the internet, it is likely discoverable forever, even if you delete the item.

Videos and information are leaked all the time, so taking steps to keep your identity secret is vital if you are trying to use OnlyFans as a side hustle only.

If you are making more than $600 a year from OnlyFans, you will receive a 1099 tax form from the website—this form will also be delivered to the IRS. This marks you as a contractor and indicates that you need to pay self-employment taxes on the income that you receive through your account; 1099 forms are typically public records as they are general government forms.

If an employer or other individual performs an in-depth search involving public tax forms, they might discover information about your OnlyFans account. However, this is unlikely unless you apply for a high-security job requiring multiple in-depth background checks.

You should also keep in mind that if you advertise your OnlyFans account via your regular social media accounts or your personal email address is connected to your account; an employer might be able to find this information with a preliminary search of your social media.

You can utilize an email search tool to check for information about yourself and see if your social media, OnlyFans account, or other sensitive information comes up to prepare for what an employer might see when running a similar search.

Will Having an OnlyFans Cause You to Lose a Job?

Having an OnlyFans account can be controversial for many individuals, especially if you are involved with sex work or sell adult content. Many employers or companies may not want to hire an individual with a reputation for an adult-themed OnlyFans, as this can look bad for their company when in the public eye.

Whether having a past or current OnlyFans account will affect your job prospects depends entirely on the company you are applying to and the values they choose to uphold.

What Your OnlyFans Means for Your Background Check

In most cases, your OnlyFans account will not turn up on a general background check report. You can help assure this by taking steps to keep your identity secret and using an alternative email and phone number when creating your account. If your employer performs an in-depth search of tax and public records, they may find information that leads to your OnlyFans account, but this is unlikely when you apply for most regular jobs.

In any case, if you are concerned about what your background check says or whether or not your OnlyFans is visible, you can always take the time to perform an email lookup or background check on yourself so you are prepared with the public information that is returned about you. From there, feel free to apply to jobs or other positions that require a background check report confidently.

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