Dog: Tips to Be a Good Owner

In a place full of dogs, it is essential that the owner and his pet respect others; For this, the excrement must be collected and the animal must have been educated to obey orders, and must be vaccinated and dewormed

When we go to the park with our dogs, sometimes we see some who behave badly and we cannot stop thinking about why their owner does not do anything. But, will others ask the same of us? When going to the park with your dog, you should try to be a good owner. How to get it? Hop over to these guys. We give you some tips to achieve it.

What to keep in mind when going to the park with your dog

Before immersing yourself in the adventure of going to the park with your dog, you must meet several requirements that will make you a good owner and that will prevent many from thinking badly of your dog or of you. These are the tips.

Must be dewormed

Your dog will not be the only one in the park, so you must make sure that it has the correct deworming so that it cannot infect others. Surely you are grateful that the other dogs are to keep yours safe.

In this sense, we can apply the following: “do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.” In addition, if your dog is properly dewormed , this will serve as protection for him, as it will prevent street parasites from sticking to his skin and hair. It is good if you keep your dog in a dog run

Collect their excrement

Whether you spend a lot or little time with your dog in the park, your pet may feel like relieving himself. Regardless of where you made them, you must collect them. This is not just a standard of civility, it is a law.

In addition, doing so will help you maintain good relationships with the other owners, with whom you will have to hang out while your dogs play.

If there is heat, you better not go

This will not only be a protection for your dog if you do not want to have puppies, but it will also help to create a good environment in the park. Can you imagine what a bitch in heat could unleash in the middle of a place full of dogs? It could lead to fights between some, and they could run towards the road or even bite someone who tried to separate them.

Make sure it obeys you

Before going to the park with your dog and allowing it to interact with other peers, you should make sure that your dog is capable of carrying out basic commands , such as staying still, going when you call him or stopping doing something that he should not .

Don’t lose sight of it

Do not take your eyes off your pet at any time. It doesn’t matter if you know he’s going to be good, or if you already know the rest of the dogs. A thousand and one unexpected things can happen, and it is your duty to be aware of them. This will allow you to go quickly in case there is a problem, and even pick him up if necessary to avoid being attacked. It is better to use wireless dog fences to keep track of your dog so that it would be safe and secure. 

Take everything you need

Remember that even if the park is fenced, your dog’s leash should always go with you, as you may need it in case of a confrontation. On the other hand, bags to collect excrement, water and some treats to treat yourself while having fun will be other necessary items when going to the park with your dog.


Vaccines are another important aspect to take into account, since they are also a law that we must comply with . These will protect not only the other dogs, but also yours.

Take into account all these aspects before going to the park with your dog and you will see that everything will go smoothly. Enjoy the ride!

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