Dos And Don’ts For Pre-School Parents To Follow During A Virtual Class

Since things around the world started changing back in the year 2019, a lot of schools thought of switching classes from a physical setup to an online one. While teenage children got used to this schedule, it is difficult for a toddler to do the same. Children are energetic souls, and it gets very difficult for them to stay put in one place for hours. Here are a few Dos and don’ts that can help parents deal with an online class for nursery students and keep them motivated throughout the session.


1. Understand the new style of schooling

It’s the first time for everyone, and it’s okay if you can’t get it in one go. Before the classes begin, we suggest you go through their server and learn how to operate things during a class. Make sure to check if the mike and camera are working fine. If you get the technical stuff at first, it will be easier for you to manage things during a class and give your child an uninterrupted experience.

2. Help them feel like it’s a school-like environment

Planning a routine for your child will help them stay disciplined and focused. This will also help them cope with the stress of going to an actual school. So, by planning their day, you make them feel there is nothing different going on. Try to give them a bath, make them sit for breakfast, and dress them up just like you would do when they go to regular school.

3. Make sure they get a dedicated place to attend those classes

Discipline is one thing that is very important during a virtual class. You have to give them a dedicated space just like they have in school to help them experience a similar process. This place has to be comfortable, quiet, and well-lit so that they don’t have any problem looking at the screens for longer. Make sure you give them a proper table and chair in their bedroom or a separate room so that they know where to go when the classes begin.

4. Know your role in the process

Now, parents play an equally important role in the pre-schooling years. Earlier things were different than now, and it’s all about teamwork now! A teacher alone cannot take care of toddlers, especially when everything has gone virtual. You have to make sure that they stick to their place and not miss classes, help teachers implement their teaching methods by helping them with the offline activities and homework.


1. Never take the virtual experience casually

Online class for nursery students might look like a one-hour video call to you, but you better not take it casually. You must remember the reason why you enrolled your child for a virtual class anyway and the time when you decided you are ready for the extra time you are going to give to your child. We know it’s a difficult journey for you, but it can get complicated for your child to bear fruitful results if you don’t keep the teamwork.

2. Make sure the children don’t get disturb or distracted

The reason why you gave your child a separate room to attend their school is that they should not get disturbed. In times like these, it is important to maintain your household as well as the discipline for school. If they are doing something that requires full attention, make sure not to make excuses and find a way to enter the room.

3. Don’t expect too much discipline from them

It is true that you have to make them understand the value of virtual schooling and ensure discipline throughout the session but, don’t expect them to listen at once. Small children are curious and lack attention. It can be difficult for you at first, and they might not listen much about discipline from you but, you should understand that they are too not used to these circumstances. They will take time to adapt to a school environment right inside their home. 

4. Ensure not to bribe them

You might think giving them something to eat or buying them gifts if they sit for the class might be a good solution but, you are just spoiling them. They might not listen to you when you don’t give them gifts or something to eat. These bribes might end up distracting your child and encourage them to play tactics to get the things they want. It’s better to teach them in the right way and ensure discipline by conditioning their mind in some other way.

We know how difficult and exhausting it can get when everything is work from home now! Managing the office as well as the house, along with the schooling of your children, can be challenging. If you follow a proper schedule throughout the day and plan activities for your child, we are sure you can handle an online class for nursery students along with your job at the same time! One thing we suggest you is, don’t lose hope and keep trying. Take one day at a time and things will become alright.

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