Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Academic Essay

It can be quite daunting to write an academic essay, especially when it’s your first time(s). You’ll probably already feel overwhelmed by a bunch of rules you’ve been given at your university to follow. It’d be nice if it was a bit simpler, wouldn’t it? Well, here are our most important Do’s and Dont’s for writing your essay. The most important thing is to proofread your essay.

The Big Do’s

Stick to the Instructions

Professors may have prepared a sheet with instructions for you. Usually, such instructions contain the following:

  • Format
  • Font style + size
  • Line spacing
  • Writing Tone
  • Word count/number of pages
  • Citation style

However, they may have particular expectations of what they want to read in your essay. These will be outlined in further instructions which may give you hints on how to proceed with your essay. If there are no further instructions, better check with your teacher. A proofreading service won’t provide you with a better essay if you don;t follow some basic desired steps.

Start Early

You may still have a month left to finish your essay and this may seem like a lot of time. It actually is. It’s supposed to provide you with a good time frame to deliver quality work. If you start late at the very last minute or so, you’re prone to make mistakes and earn a bad mark. Take advantage of the time that’s given to you. Moreover, you don’t have to rush proofreading services and pay extra for needing it within very few hours.

Remember Your Introduction

Your introduction gives readers a rough idea of what your essay is going to be about. Beyond that, you can already write a rough scope of your essay. It will serve as a perfect template for your outline while it’s the perfect entry point to state the main idea of the essay. 

Make an Outline

An outline provides you with a structure and keeps you from getting writer’s block. Once you’ve got the outline of your paper written out, it’s easy to follow through with each topic and subtopic. It can also help you with time management as you know what you’re going to write about in each section. With better organisation, you can forward your essay to proofreading services in time. Moreover, it will be a lot easier for you to create smooth transitions from one part to the next. 

Write it Easy to Understand

Even though your teacher is the most important person to read your essay, you always have to keep a broader audience in mind. Essays should always be written in a style that’s easy to understand for anyone. This means that even your neighbour should be able to get what you’re going on about. It helps you to write good publications later on that will also serve other people. It also makes it easier to read for proofreading services.

Cite Your Sources

You can include your own ideas with assumptions. If you’ve gotten an idea of a particular source during your research you have to cite it accordingly. Even if you’re making a statement based on your findings, you have to provide evidence. Proofreading services can check if your citation style is correct and that are only one and the same. They won’t go to find your sources if you forgot a citation.

The Big Dont’s 

Plagiatas Are a No-No

If you don’t cite ideas and key points from your research, it’s considered plagiarism. Obviously, you shouldn’t just copy an essay that you found online to save yourself some time for your work. Proofreading services can do plagiarism checks for you as an extra service. They don’t do it automatically. Sometimes, you can accidentally write a plagiate after you read a paper or book. Hence, plagiarism checks are well worth the extra service. If your university finds your essays, or also later on in your dissertation, they can revoke your title.

Too Many Facts are Overwhelming

Some students tend to cite as many facts as they can find. While it may look good at the first glance, it shouldn’t consist of cited facts only. Leave some room to include your own assumptions. After all, your essay is supposed to reply to a particular question. By the way, reading only facts is quite boring to proofreading services as well.

Address the Reader

In an essay, you’re writing for a general audience. You can address your reader in a novel, depending on which style you use. But not in an essay. Try to remain objective and don’t try to play with the emotions of the reader either. Essays are not about emotions and personal points of view. Proofreading services may reject your essay when it’s written with the wrong address. 

Using Spell-Checkers

Spell checkers can help you along when you’re writing. These programs or apps may help with initial typing mistakes. Only are they highly unreliable at noticing mistakes in context. Sometimes, spell checkers highlight words that aren’t actually mistyped. You will see once you’ve gotten your essay back from proofreading services. They surely find a missing comma at least. There’s nothing like a professional human, AI programs are not perfect. 

Forgetting Proofreading Services

Proofreading services exist for a very good reason. It’s very easy to overlook your own mistakes even if you’re going through your essay a gazillion times. If there are any grammar or spelling mistakes left in your essay, you won’t get the good degree you deserve. They will also look out for the following:

  • Awkward phrases
  • Overly long sentences 
  • Filler words
  • Use of passive words
  • Repeated words

To make sure your formatting and citation styles are in order, you can also ask proofreading services to check. After all, it’s better if another pair of eyes look at your essay. At best, you’re taking advantage of academic proofreading services. Proofreading can technically be done by any proofreading service. It’s more convenient and effective to have a pro at work that knows what you’re writing about.

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