Editing Software – Error Resolution

There is multiple software that designers use for editing pictures and videos. These comprise components from the Microsoft Visual C++ package. An editor knows the pain that they go through to deliver perfectly designed content. To achieve this, they need a system and software that operate in optimum condition. It is immensely frustrating to see error messages like “msvcp140.dll missing” pop up while getting ready to edit. In such cases, one might not know how to proceed further. There is thus an imminent need to understand what the error is and how to solve it.

What Are Editing Software?

Editing software primarily helps designers to alter images and videos. Many users of such software prefer applications developed by Adobe. Here are a few such applications that assist users in fulfilling their creative desires.

  1. i) Adobe Photoshop – Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editor developed for Windows-based and Mac-OS-based operating systems. It is an industry-standard application for the editing of images. Many users across the world prefer Photoshop for the vast number of features it offers. It is an intricate application with the ability to develop art in the form of layers. Designers widely appreciate this feature.
  2. ii) Adobe Premiere Pro – Published as part of the Adobe Licensing program, Premiere Pro is a video editing application. Developed primarily for Windows and Mac operating systems, it has proven its worth across the world. Multiple editors of videos prefer Premiere Pro for its timeline feature. It helps the users to engage and disengage edits to a fraction of a second. The post-production process of videos taken using digital cameras and phones becomes easy with Premiere Pro.

Errors related to editing software

A wide range of errors occurs while trying to run these kinds of software. Some of them occur due to files in Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable packages. Developers use these libraries to ease their process of development. Here are a few errors that users encounter.

  1. i) Missing files – The most prevalent error faced is that of a missing .dll file. Dynamic Link Libraries comprise elements that are essential to the smooth functioning of an application. Third-party software like editing apps uses these components to better their performance. These files go missing due to faulty installations or updates. “msvcp140.dll missing” is one such error that multiple users face.
  2. ii) Corrupt files – Another widespread error faced is that of a corrupt .dll file. These errors are less common as opposed to a missing file. A file might get corrupt due to malware or other software using a mutual element in the library. If not resolved, it might pose threats to the entire operating system.

Solutions to errors

  1. i) Reinstalling Visual C++ – An easy solution would be to install a fresh version of Visual C++. This feature helps the user to ensure that the new version does not have any faults in installation. Formatting the system or downloading a fresh copy can help the user achieve this.
  2. ii) Download missing file – The next solution would be to search for the missing file and download it on the internet. This solution might be slightly risky as phishing websites upload malware to attack unsuspecting users.

As observed, one can see that editing is a strenuous task. It becomes incredibly frustrating to deliver on time if there are errors that come up for applications. Many users are unaware of how to solve these issues. It does not pose considerable threats to the operating system. However, it is essential for the smooth functioning of third-party software.

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