EFL Cup: Chaotic Defense Ruins Conte’s Return

The recent match between Chelsea Tottenham Hotspur turned out to be a disaster for the latter. Spurs manager Antonio Conte who managed Chelsea before was surprised at how the match turned out.

Chelsea versus Spurs

The EFL Cup semis was considered by many as the momental return of Conte to the club where he won a Premier League champion title, however, for the Spurs’s head, it turned out to be a huge fiasco as his line of defense ended up being chaotic enough that put the odds on Chelsea’s favor.

Prior to the match, the betting odds in Sbobet for Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur guaranteed a closely contested game. The game started with Kai Havertz’s goal which gave Chelsea a one-point lead, but Ben Davies’s accidental own goal doubled up the Blues’ advantage and it made Conte disappointed.

The Spurs may have produced a draw but they needed to build a strong defense in the second leg of the semi-finals to gain an upper hand.

Match highlights

We are now in the midway of what is considered as the Battle for the Pride of London, however, it only took just a few moments for the Blues to take dominance which is a good example of an assertive move that destroyed the line of defense of the Whites.

Japhet Tanganga intended to make a pass to Emerson but there was no speed and accuracy on the ball. Marcos Alonso took the opportunity and caught it; he then passed it perfectly to Havertz and struck the ball to the goal despite Davidson Sanchez’s attempt to stop it.

The luck of Chelsea doubled when what was supposed to be a goal for the Spurs by Ben Davies ended up flying into their own net.

Spurs retaliated at the last minute when Lucas Moura and Giovani Lo Celso made their own move but it was too late for Tottenham Hotspur.

Key stats

The results from the latest match between Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur provided us an idea which team will proceed despite the draw. In the 35 visits to Stamford Bridge, the Whites only won a single match and based on their defensive performance tonight, it would be hard for them to make it through.

Tottenham has to improve their defenses in the second leg of the semi-finals to offset their lackluster play in the West London match. Meanwhile, Chelsea is now undefeated, having won eight away games and 11 at their home ground.

What’s next?

The schedule for the Carabao Cup match between Liverpool and Arsenal will commence on Thursday. The new schedule was made due to the Covid-19 outbreak at the Liverpool home ground that caused their fixture to be rescheduled.

Meanwhile in the Premier League, Liverpool and Chelsea started the New Year with a 2-2 result. That also put Manchester City to a ten-points lead in the list of top contenders for this season.

Chelsea will have a chance to make headway when they visit the home ground of Manchester City on January 15. They have to go face-to-face first with the Sky Blues before they have a rematch with Tottenham Hotspur for the second leg of their EFL Cup semi-finals.

As for the Spurs, before they meet up again with Chelsea, they have to first face their long-time rival Arsenal for another London Derby match.


The recent match with Chelsea proved that Conte has to do whatever it takes to strengthen their defense. He has to build up a strong backline that could produce a precise and quick play on the pitch.

A strong lineup is clearly needed and a few defensive tactics could save the day, let’s just hope that the odds in link Sbobet are in favor of them in their rematch with the Blues.

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