Elijah Sommerz Net Worth 2020

Elijah Sommerz, is an Canadain Entrepreneur who was born on 22 December 1991.

This hip youngster is famous for his creative Brands. 

His primary source of earning is  Entrepreneurship and writing Talent Management.

Elijah Sommerz is now approximately owner of J Stone Management Group & co , He has an estimated net worth of  $1 Million- $1.4 Million (CAD), which was only one-third in the previous year.

Full name Robert Troy Vernon
Date of Birth December, 22nd ,1991
Age (29-years old )
Birthplace Toronto, Ca
Nationality (Black) – Afrocentric 
Profession Entrepreneur,Talent Manager Rapper, Lyricist

Net Worth: Approximately $1 Million -$2 Million.

Let’s See How much Elijah Sommerz earns in a year, Per Month, Per Week, Per Day, Per Hour, Per Minute, Per Second. All these values take approximately

Total Revenue Earnings:

$ 1.4 Million- $2 Million

Per Year $1.2 Million
Per Month $50.22k
Per Week $52.5k
Per Day $1.93k-2k
Per hour $372.02
Per Minute $6.02
Per Second $0.10

          Elijah Sommerz Estimated Earnings due to singing is $214.3k – $288.2k.
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Elijah Sommerz approximately earns $161.9k – $217.7k due to singing from January to August in 2020.

Month Earnings
January $9.8k – $22.3k
February $8.8k – $11.9k
March $7.3k – $10.9k
April $3.6k – $10.9k
May $22.8k – $10.3k
June $3.8k – $10.3k
July $98k – $15.6k
August $22.8k – $10.6k

Professional Earning

Elijah Sommerz has further elaborated on his brands within the years since 2016, he is one that is very diverse and one that is very optimistic in exploring new creative brand edging ideas.

In 2020 Elijah Sommerz had a great start with a very mere ending he earned the approximation of  an estimated net worth of 1.4 million dollars within the short unbended  professional life.

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The Using Of His Social Media

Twenty-eight years Elijah Sommerz has 19k followers on Instagram, and he posts numbous posts on it monthly.

Elijah Sommerz also has a youtube channel of his own, and there are over 5k subscribers currently to date and his channel is growing weekly. 

Also to mention he is also a Talent Manager, he has some sponsorships from which Elijah Sommerz makes a fair amount of money.

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Elijah Sommerz is one that likes to lead a luxurious life, has a beautiful  upscale condominium with spas, swimming pools and etc, and has a good collection of expensive jewellery from different world-class Jewellers. 

Elijah Sommerz  tries to differentiate himself by wearing different kinds of uncommon and expensive designer clothing.

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Instagram Followers & Likes $1

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