Elliot Berard – Is Bhip Global Legit Or Scam!

Bhip Global is a network marketing company that belongs to the health & wellness sector that operates in more than 30 countries. The MLM Company has been focused on offering products that have scientific support and established itself around the world.

Elliot Berard is a reviewer and entrepreneur. He has a hobby to buy courses and find ways to make money online. He shares his experience on his blog ibuyireview. His reviews are unbiased.

According to Elliots Bhip Global review, direct sales are lucrative only if members are positioned high in the hierarchy. Pay $97 per year to become a member or distributor. Members need to integrate their software into their social media accounts. It sounds scary because the MLM Company gets access to their social media accounts and even their relatives and friends. Members sell goods and make $25 per customer. It does not seem hard, but there is plenty of sales pitch involved before someone gets enrolled.

Members gain a residual $15 per month because customers continue buying products. To earn a monthly salary, there is a need to get new 100 customers to become members every month. In the MLM business model, it is essential to gain a high level and make sustainable revenue.

As the number of distributors or members is expanding, the MLM Company has changed its compensating plan several times. The products are changing consistently, so Elliot is concerned about the business’s legitimacy and longevity. If a member is not high up in the hierarchy then their chance to make money is very less. If they don’t lose any money they will be regarded as fortunate.

Bhip Global even offers a risk-free 30-day challenge. Try their products and if products are unsatisfactory return them for a full refund. It is a thing that makes potential buyers feel good, but Elliot recommends doing some extra research before indulging. Check BBB to find out about business legitimacy or complaints. Their website has no reviews nor are they accredited.

Every product is patented, so these proprietary blends are not revealed transparently on the box. So, ensure to find paperwork or test certificate to ensure the safety of the health & wellness products. Even if members are provided tips and advice in enrolling a customer, success depends on personal acquisition. Convincing people to join MLM is a challenge because there is lots of scam news floating around.

According to Elliot, there is no need to spend money on a subscription. In the last couple of years, Bhip Global Company has spent less effort on its products and more on marketing for attracting new distributors. Their focus is more on digital marketing.

Undoubtedly, money can be made at the top level but if someone joins very late then they are out of luck. Joining MLM means friends and family are the targets of a voracious business model. Such companies can damage one’s repute with social groups, so joining on is not recommended.

Elliot feels it is too good to be true, so stay cautious. Whenever a new business is found do the groundwork thoroughly. It will be favorable!