Embrace Celebrity Styles: Top Celebs in AHM Hats

Headgears have been an essential fashion statement, irrespective of age and era. If hats are your go-to accessories, congratulations! This article has got you covered on the top five celebrity-loved hats of 2021!

● Floppy hats

This hat type never fails to charm! Evident since the 70’s, the popularity of floppy hats has been evergreen. Floppy hats can add the much-needed feminine touch to your everyday summer wear! This timeless accessory comes in varied shapes, colors, and dimensions.

Starting from Marilyn Monroe, Vanessa Hudgens to Paris Hilton, floppy hats have been an absolute raging favorite. Do you wish to catch more of this celebrity hat craze? Check out all the celebrities in American hats flaunting their sun-summer glamour!

● Fedora hats

If you are not familiar with fedoras, you’re missing out on one of the most savagely loved snapback hats. Fedoras add an aesthetic appeal to an individual’s outfit. All sexes equally love fedora hats due to their appearance and style factor. For men, fedora compliments a classic outfit best.

The singing sensation Bruno Mars can inspire you to pull off a fedora in no time. For a funny appeal, the vampire diaries sensation Ian Somerhalder gets you the trick. Women have been wearing fedora for a long time now and rocking them simultaneously. If you want to browse through style inspirations, Ashley Greene sporting a wool fedora can help create a sensual appeal. Are you attending a lazy brunch meet? Lindsay Lohan shows precisely how a white-tee and jeans topped with a black fedora can ace the day.

● Bucket hats

Bucket hats have been huge in 2020, with celebrities bringing back the 90’s era vibe with it. Unlike other fleeting trends, bucket hats are here to stay. On a bad hair day, plopping a bucket hat on top can be ingenious. Bucket hats are a pretty addition to your hat collection because it is compatible with multiple outfit options. A beach-day wear can be given an endearing appeal with a floral or a single-toned bucket hat. Rihanna and Kylie Jenner fans may be already stocking up on colors. What’s the wait? Get a bucket hat in your favorite color today!

● Bowler Hats

If Charlie Chaplin could not convince you much, perhaps Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will.

Women can take the much-needed inspiration from fashion icons like Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Milian and Eva Longoria. A trick or two that can significantly up your dress-up game cannot be bad. Can it? Bowler hats suit almost every personality, and the versatility it offers makes it a staple among celebrities and influencers alike.

● Straw hats

For fashionistas, summer calls for a straw hat. Straw hats are a stable accessory due to their immense variety. You can get a floppy, fedora, or a bucket hat made of straw. A straw hat is a permanent style statement that keeps the heat off your head and pulls the hot quotient off you. Pair it up with a summer dress or denim shorts and hit the beach! The fashion beautygardeners is the most essential things that helps you to get new tips and tricks about fashion.

It is surprising how a previously called fisherman hat is proving to be a delightful addition for hat-lovers. Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner sporting bucket hats paired with their chic outfits can convince literally anyone to get a bucket hat!

Take your pick

Are you planning on updating your wardrobe yet? If yes, include the mentioned hats to stay on top of the fashion game, always!

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