EMEL and Crypto – The Revolution of Next Generation Vehicles

Now that soaring crude oil prices and global warming have become social problems, people worldwide are paying attention to “electric vehicles” that do not use gasoline. That’s why electric vehicles are now becoming a big boom as new vehicles in the 21st century and as dream vehicles with expectations for the future.

Its continuity, one of the leading and emerging electric car manufactures company is “Emel Quantum Energy,” which invented the revolutionary EMEL CARS by using quantum physics technology. This automobile company’s brand new zero-emission electric cars have been creating a revolution in the transport industry. And this eco-friendly and fully electric car is known as Earth-1.

Whatever; if you are interested to know about Emel cars, read this article from top to bottom. This guide provides a comprehensive description of Emel Quantum Energy company’s groundbreaking electric cars.

EMEL Cars Configuration and Characteristic:

EMEL Cars have an image of being environmentally friendly because they charge electricity and run. With a 200kw supercharging battery, the Earth-1 car engine is powered by a quad motor, which average highway miles 140 km/h and city miles 100 km/h. Using emel cars,  a user ideally experiences electrifying adventure because its engine is a charging capacity of 350volts/125amp.

In addition to being quiet with almost no running noise while driving, it does not emit carbon dioxide and is top class among other models targeted for electrification in terms of environmental performance. Emel cars are designed to enjoy the car with artificial intelligence technology like Alexa and Siri. Even one of the great features is that it allows Google-powered facial features.

In the automobile industry, Emel Quantum Energy is a leading and specializes Technology Company that designs and manufactures complete electric vehicle solutions; they have a wealth of solutions to meet consumers’ exact needs. This company’s goals to gradually eliminate all gasoline-powered vehicles and making eco-friendly next-generation cars.

Why will peoples be using Emel cars?

Smooth start and acceleration:

The emel cars quad electric motor has high efficiency. Although the force acting on the center of the rotating shaft when starting and has acceleration performance not found in gasoline-powered vehicles, but its performance almost same and improving day by day. As soon as you step on the accelerator, it accelerates, so you can enjoy a comfortable drive.

Smart payment getaway:

As the Emel Quantum Energy Company is working with modern and renewable green energy for the next generation, their future plan is to bring renewable energy to your doorstep. They allow you to use cryptocurrencies and credit cards as an alternative to buying their cars. Even battery charging stations can recharge and replace batteries very quickly using cryptocurrency and without any problems.

Does not emit CO 2 at all while driving:

As earlier mentioned, Emel cars are the zero-emission car that does not emit carbon dioxide or other emissions when driving. It is one most significant advantages of Emel cars.  Since it does not emit exhaust gas, it can be said that it is an environmentally and health-friendly car.

Fuel costs will be meager:

Another advantage of emel cars is that they can reduce fuel costs compared to gasoline and light oil. In the case of emel car, there is a way to use nighttime electricity, saving money, instead of charging in the daytime.

As a result, you can reduce the fuel cost of electric vehicles by reviewing the contract plan and making it a goal with cheaper nighttime electricity. Emel cars themselves are more energy-efficient than gasoline vehicles because they are equipped with regenerative braking that recovers energy when decelerating.

Conclusion Remarks:

Since emel cars are not equipped with a gasoline engine, they do not emit carbon dioxide while running and are a genre that is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly means of transportation. Even its supercharging battery, cryptocurrency payment gateway, and the superfast quad motor engine is role model of electric vehicles.

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