Emergency Kit: Mom Edition

As a mom, you wanted to give nothing but the best to your family especially to your little ones. Their safety is your top priority. You wanted everything to be in the right place even during emergency situations. You exert time and effort to complete your emergency kits at home.

A mother’s emergency kit has all the things that her family might need when a natural calamity or a disaster suddenly strikes. This will be your ultimate way to survive if the situation forces you to stay at home for a longer period of time.

Mom’s Emergency Kit

An emergency kit is a collection of essential materials that you might need in case an emergency happens.

Mom’s emergency kits should contain all the necessary things that your family needs and your children’s individual and specific needs. You also include in your emergency kit your pet’s needs, if you have any.

Mothers wanted to have all the things that their family needs ready all the time as much as possible. But during emergency situations, you cannot give all their wants, but you can give them what they needed best.

Here’s the list of essential things that a mom’s emergency kit must contain.

Food and Water – Food and water should be the first thing on your list for it is the most important thing needed for survival. Prepare non-perishable goods that will last for three days and can feed your entire household.

This may include bottled water, canned goods, hydrating powder, snack, and powder milk for your children.

First Aid Kit – Aside from ice packs, bug repellant, burn ointment, surgical masks, antiseptic wipes, and band-aids, your first aid kit must contain over-the-counter medicines to treat headaches, diarrhea, colds, cough, and other common sicknesses during the rainy or cold season.

Do not forget to include your family’s prescribed medicine. It is important that you have some stocks, remember most establishments are closed when a disaster had just happened.

Toiletries and Sanitation Needs – Basic toiletries are also essential during emergency situations, this is essential for your family’s health especially for your children.

Travel size shampoo, soap, dental kits, wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, deodorant, cotton buds, maxi pads, tampons, nail clipper, and diapers were a few of the things that you needed to prepare to ensure your family’s safety and cleanliness even during this kind of situation.

Shelter and Warmer – Emergency tube tent for temporary shelter is a must especially when you needed to leave your home. Bring also materials that can protect your children from the cold weather outside such as extra clothes, emergency blankets, hand warmer, and sleeping bags.

Survival Tools – Survival tools such as flashlights, emergency whistles, multi-tools, fire starters, scissors, extra batteries, emergency tube tent, garbage bags, solar chargers, and other tools that you think will be helpful to you should be included in your survival tools.

Mom’s Personal Kit – Even if you’re already a mom, you still have your own personal needs. You can still take good care of your family’s needs without compromising your own.

You can include things you think you will be needing such as a sewing kit, citronella candles, compact makeup kit, comb, lip balm, tweezers, pen, small note pad, hair elastics, extra cash, and a copy of some personal documents.

Important Reminders

After preparing all the above-mentioned kits, the next thing you should do is to put them in a safe and easy-to-access place in your home. Keep these items in a cold and dry place, away from direct heat.

Make sure all boxes are tightly sealed. Check for the item’s expiration dates especially of foods and water. Replace them every 6 months or when needed. You should also update your emergency kits every now and then, as your household needs may also change over time.

Make emergency kits for your home, for your office, and for your cars. Keep a copy of important contact details such as family doctors, pediatricians, emergency shelters, rescuers, and other relatives and friends.

If you are having a hard time preparing all the things you needed because of your busy schedules, you can buy your emergency kits here. They have a variety of several emergency supplies that your household may need.

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