Escobar Announced Her Intention to Launch Her Product in the First Quarter of 2023

Miami, Florida, USA–It’s safe to say that July Escobar is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Miami. Because of her worldwide reach, the young entrepreneur and influencer is making waves on the internet. She has a reach of more than 10 million followers on social media platforms such as TikTok (@July.EscobarR) and Instagram (@July.EscobarR). 

Ms. Escobar, whose roots are in El Salvador, a country with a challenging environment, took on her company as a challenge and developed into a well regarded makeup artist in the state of Florida.  July Escobar is making preparations to launch her company at some point during the first three months of the year 2023.

She has previous experience working with a range of upscale businesses. She has previous experience working with well-known businesses such as Cosmeticos Al Por Mayor (the leading cosmetics shop in the United States), BoxyCharm, Nova Beauty, BeautyCreation as well as many more. The most popular television program in Honduras, which originates in Miami and is transmitted there, is called EL LENGUETAZO. 

In the program, she co-stars alongside Ana Alvarado, also known as LipstickFables on Instagram, who is considered to be the most influential person in Honduras on social media. Because the program is so well-liked, anywhere from 2,000 to 5,000 people have made it a regular habit to watch live broadcasts of it. This is another evidence of her talent and efficacy in the work that she does.

Additionally, July provides online makeup lessons. The most current one started on the seventeenth of December in the year 2022. By offering these classes, July gives women the opportunity to get the skills necessary to become makeup artists and launch their own businesses in the beauty industry. 

Additionally, July is featured in fashion shows too. Her most recent public appearance was on November 12 with Crusoe Cabana Deluxe Wynwood, which included designers from all over the world, including Cuba, Italy, and for the first time ever, El Salvador. Over 400 individuals showed up for the event.

This is her official website which is available to book an appointment , or find out more about her company.

Company Overview:

In addition to being a makeup artist, July Escobar is a social media influencer and a business owner. A description of her amazing entrepreneurial endeavor can be found at

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