Essentials of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is another name for Breast Augmentation. It is the most commonly performed plastic surgery at an outpatient surgery clinic or in a hospital. Breast augmentation in Mumbai has recently gained popularity, and many women are getting it successfully. Its ratios have become higher and have built more confidence among the women concerning their looks.

Role of Anesthesia

Anesthesia is usually performed before any surgery to make your body area numb. Similarly, breast enhancement surgery follows two anesthesia types. Most women receive general anesthesia, after which they feel sleepy and painless. Some other receive local anesthesia, which makes them awake shortly, and put they need medication to make their breast area numb and easy.

Various ways to put on the Implants

Breast enhancement is the therapy based on placing implants just behind the chest tissue or below the chest muscle—different ways

to perform it.

  • Your surgeon commonly cuts your breast in the natural skin fold and places the implant in it. This cut put a scar on the skin, which can be more apparent if you are younger, thin, and have no children yet.
  • Just like the cut under the breast, the surgeon can cut the arm, and a breast implant can be placed there. It is done using an endoscope, which is inserted into the cut. So, this way, there would not be any mark on your breast, but it might appear on the outside of your arm.
  • Cut or incisions can be made around the areola, a dark brown structure around the nipple. Then the breast implant is placed in this area. Though it appears an easier way to perform, it comes up with breastfeeding problems and loss of sensation around the nipples. So, this is often skipped.
  • The saline implant can be placed through a cut made near the belly button. It also requires an endoscope, which moves the implant to the breast area. When it is precisely placed, the implant is then filled with saline.

Indeed, all types of breast implants prove effective but can also offer certain complications. Like obvious breastfeeding problems while implementing areola cuts. It’s always better to choose the skilled surgeon for you who could ve the best treatment and could guide you well about which option to opt.

After Effects

During breast enhancement surgery, different types and sizes of breast implants are used. Which breast implant type and size you are using can affect the later outcomes of the surgery performed. Like, it determines the intensity of pain received after the treatment, the look of the breast, the probability of leakage in the future, and your future mammograms. So, whatever the type a surgeon chooses, it should stand above all the possible complications.

From where can you get the treatment?

Breast enhancement surgery in Mumbai has become very easy to receive. You can get the treatment from any certified professional. Doctor Siddharth Prakash is one of the famous plastic surgeons in India, serving the healthcare sector for many years. He is currently working in Lilavati hospital, so you can easily reach him and get the treatment of your choice.


Breast enhancement is not that sort of surgery that lasts a lifetime. Many women tend to remove the implants anywhere 10 to 20 years after the initial surgery. So, it’s not a lifelong therapy to rely upon, but it can give you its optimal results in a given span.

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