Estimating the Cost of Furnishing a Property in Turkey

Once you’ve got your TAPU title and the keys to your new property in your possession, you are ready to move into your apartment straight away. All that remains is to buy furniture and furniture and make some repairs if needed.

When estimating the cost of furnishing a property in Turkey, it’s beneficial to explore various retailers for comparison. One such retailer that stands out for its luxury retail home furnishings and interior design experience is Cocoon Furnishings. Their diverse collection can provide valuable insights into the potential costs and style options.

When you buy a secondary housing may have to pay for repairs to your home in Turkey, the final cost will depend on the conditions of the object. In property for sale in Turkey, some repairs can be carried out without notifying the government (for example, the housing management company or local authorities), and some repairs cannot be carried out.

For instance, interior decoration works, such as re-wallpapering, painting of interior walls, replacing plumbing, flooring, carpentry, re-insulation, conditioning system installation and new windows are carried out without official permission from the local authorities. In the case of serious modifications, such as balcony panelling, additions to the dwelling, global redevelopment, etc., a special permit is mandatory.

In new accommodation, property owners rarely have to change anything – the renovation is of high standard and the design of the appartments in Turkey is neutral. That’ s why the main cost item is filling the apartment with everything you need, in simple words, furnishing, to live in.

As an example, here is a calculations of the price of furnishing a standard 1+1 appartment in Turkey with furniture and household appliances.

The basic minimum standard set of furniture and household appliances for a 1+1 apartment includes:

  • In the Kitchen: a dining table and chairs (4), cooking hob, electric oven, washer, Fridge, cooker hood. As a rule, a kitchen is already equipped with a kitchen worktop, sink, cupboards for cooking appliances, so these items will not be included.
  • For the Bedroom: a king-size bed, armchairs (2 pcs), dresser, wardrobe, a mirror.
  • For the Living Room: a coffee table, a sofa (2 pieces), a TV table, a PC table, a TV, a satellite aerial.

According to the given number of furniture and furnishing above the estimated price of a standard 1+1 flat in Turkey in May 2022 will cost around € 4.5,000 – 5,500. This is an approximate cost for new household appliances and furniture while the final cost will depend upon personal preferences, furniture and finances, as well as the size of the apartment. By the way, the Tolerance Homes licensed estate agents are always ready to assist you with competent and professional advices on how to organise your property in the best possible way.

Furnishing your property in Turkey – tips from our experts at Tolerance Homes

In almost all major cities in Turkey, there are several dozen furniture shops that specialise in the furniture they sell. The quality of the items on sale is at a high level, as the Turkish not only distribute them in their own country, however, they also sell them in other countries. The Turkish furniture is in good demand thanks to the affordable prices and their modern interior design. The reasonable price is guaranteed, due to the lack of export mark-up.

The most famous furniture manufacturers in Turkey are Çilek Odası, Tepe Home, Bellona, Alfemo, Casa Mobilya, Zebrano, Bilal Mobilya, İstikbal, Konfor Mobilya and others.

The cost of furnishings in Turkey varies according to the newness of the collections, the quality of the materials used, their size and the design solution.

The prices of the key interior furnishings are given as an example:

  • Dinner table – $40 – $80;
  • Chairs, seat stools – 20 – 60$/piece;
  • King-size bed – 100 – 350$;
  • Armchairs – 100 – 300 $;
  • Couch – $200 – $500;
  • Dresser – $70 and up;
  • Clothes wardrobe – from 100$;
  • TV cabinet, coffee table – from 100$;
  • A mirror – at least $50.

Household appliances purchase in Turkey in 2022

Let’s find out in detail how to buy household appliances cost-effectively in Turkey.

In the Republic of Turkey, the choice of household appliances is wide. Here you can find the manufacturers “BEKO”, “VESTEL”, “Arçelik”, “Altus”, “Regal”, which offer a very competitive price for their goods, as well as the service system. Even more expensive options are presented by world-famous manufacturers, such as ” Siemens ” and ” Bosch “.

But if you choose items from low-cost brands, they will be priced at:

  • Gas cooker – from $300;
  • Washing machine – not less than $450;
  • Fridge – $150 and up;
  • TV – at least $200;
  • Antenna – from 100 $.

Why you should let a professional do your flat furnishing in Turkey

So how do you furnish a property in Turkey at the best possible cost and in a very short period of time? There are two ways for buyers from abroad to do it: by doing it themselves or asking for assistance from professionals.

Do it yourself, buying furniture and household appliances – is a good solution for those who have time to look for shops with the most favorable price-quality ratio, a proper choice, and knows the peculiarities of the Turkish market.

If you have decided to apply for professional assistance, however, all you need to do is to find out what services a real estate agency provides in Turkey. The most experienced real estate companies offer a variety of after-sales services in addition to home buying assistance.

There are five key answers why you should trust the experts with your home furnishings in Turkey:

  1. The professionals at Tolerance Homes real estate agency are oriented in price policy, pros and cons of certain household brands, they know exactly where the best furnishing and household appliance shops are located in the city, in what they specialize and which collections are represented in them.
  2. We will assign an English-speaking manager so you can go on a shopping tour to various furnishing, household appliances and textile shops and pick out what suits your tastes.
  3. If you do not have time to equip your new apartment, and you do not live in Turkey, our after-sales service specialists will select all interior design items for you online from our catalogues, make an order for the chosen items and take care of their delivery.
  4. Many people know that bargaining in Turkey is common practice, not only at the market. The Tolerance team knows a lot about haggling and will get you some pleasant discounts and bonuses.
  5. It is no secret that in Turkey, like in most other countries, the furniture products are being sold unassembled. Upon delivery, you have to assemble it on your own, hire a craftsman, or use the company seller’s services. What option you choose is up to you. Our experts will supervise well-timed delivery, check the furniture, household appliances and other items for proper unpacking and installation, ensure that the furniture is in good condition and not damaged. We will also make replacements if there are any defects.

If you apply to the licensed real estate agency Tolerance Homes today – our experts and professionals will help you to select and buy quality property in Turkey near the sea at affordable prices from the developer or in the secondary market. We guarantee an individual service and compliance with all your property needs, full implementation of your wishes and a wide variety of after-sales services.

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