Ethersmart Roadmap: Our Long-term Goals and How We Plan To Get There

As you are all aware, Ethersmart has officially applied to coinmarketcap, etherscan, metamask, myether wallet, and trust wallet on the world’s leading information websites in the field… This is a recognition for Ethermart, a major crypto investment platform today by companies, experts, and crypto-currency groups. The next objective of Ethermart in 2022 was to be listed officially on the top 20 crypto-devises worldwide. The management board has finished and has continued to deal with some exchanges at present on the eight biggest trading platforms in the globe. You hope to complete the listing as ant.

What is Ethersmart and how does it work?

Ethersmart is a crypto investment platform. Its trading software connects with ethereum, ripple, and ethereum classic clients. It serves as a technical project management solution for the real investment of private digital assets and coins, based on a centralized order book and matching engine. Ethersmart is mainly used by crypto exchanges. They are commonly identified by their open-market trading terminals, their large customer base, and their large transaction volume. According to a professional study made by etherscan in 2017, they have more than 10.000 users in 62 countries and 3.000 active clients. There are many reasons for the emergence of the Ethersmart platform. The first is that many investors like trading from online or centralized platforms.

Why are we so excited about this project?

At this moment the efficiency and transparency of the verification of crypto-development projects on the marketplace by a huge number of crypto-exchanges makes Ethermart the perfect place to advertise, distribute and support both tech projects, as well as the cryptocurrency itself. So, Ethersmart was established to bring the whole crypto industry together to co-create the future with the whole crypto-community and supporters of the community. How we will accomplish the goal in 2 to 3 years? At the moment, Ethersmart is only officially listed on these eight top exchanges, although, all exchanges can add our platform to their growing groups. The team is working hard to complete the verification and listing as soon as possible.

What are our long-term goals?

Ethermart is a 100% connected Blockchain project and is creating the first large ecosystem for users in the world. The global community can create a stable economy, by connecting people through the product, services, apps, and services in the Ethermart ecosystem. Here is a short story of how we plan to accomplish our goals: ETM token in the next 10 years will become one of the biggest job opportunities for people worldwide We are making Ethermart be the worldwide application that will enable the integration of cryptocurrency in every possible field of human life. In 2022, our goal is to have some of the top Fortune 500 companies use Ethermart as a wallet. And eventually, turn it into the most user-friendly and widely used wallet in the world. 

Why did Ethermart decide to leave China?

Ethermart, the all-in-one platform, our flagship product, is also an amazing currency coin. Unfortunately, ETHs began to be exchanged on some exchanges in China as an ICO token. The announcement of a trading exchange is essential for listing a coin. On March 16th, 2017, the number of listed coins on exchanges began to decline, and we think it’s the right time for us to look for a country with a favorable policy. At present, a platform in China can’t list a coin. The progress of getting listed at a top-five exchange or a top 20 exchange should be different for each coin.

What is the current status of Ethermart?

The framework of Ethermart is almost ready for becoming stable. The major investors of Ethermart are Chinese entrepreneurs. Ethermart, as it should, has no branches nor subsidiaries as of now. The main purpose is to gather cash flow and manage this money to complete business. During the remaining period, the management board will expand the scope of operations to the international scene. We have already met with partners from Korea, Russia, and Japan. By late 2019, Ethermart will expand to the front door of Wall Street and conclude the consultation with the venture capital investments Regarding further business expansion to different sectors, Ethermart aims at expanding the business area from four fields to many, and would also add more partners.

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