Everything You Need To Know About Bone Saw Machine Price in Kenya

With technology, everything is becoming easier to accomplish – especially everyday tasks. With all the manual work, the labor market is now better work. Various machines have been invented to do most of the work. The struggle is only getting smaller. It is good to be happy because most people used a lot of energy but, today, they are delighted.

Why Buy A Bone Saw Machine?

The bone saw machine is a critical investment for all people who run a meat business. Apart from maintaining cleanliness, it makes the organization of your place unmatched. Consequently, reaping profits becomes a dailyadventure. Buying the machine is not expensive as compared to the returns.

However, the business owner needs to consider several things before buying the bone saw machine.

Bone Saw Machine

Factors Considered In Purchase of the Bone Saw Machine

As important when buying any electronics or machines for your work, consider the following factors if a business needs to buy a bone saw machine:

  1. Mechanism of operation – the bone saw machine is either electric or manual. The disadvantage of buying manual bone saw machines is the use of energy. The work becomes unbearable, though some skills can see you through. Cutting bones is a tricky job. It needs a lot of effort. The process is time-consuming.

Electric bone saw machines need operation skills but is efficient and faster. The precision is good. They are fitted with safety features. As much as they are expensive, their work is exemplary.

  1. The size – every brand comes with a different dimension to ensure the size suits the various cutting and needs of the business. Of course, bigger bone sizes require more giant bone cutters. The price will go higher. Consider your needs to determine the suitable size to buy.
  2. Power- as the needs of your business requirements, a suitable power machine must be in the picture. We recommend getting more powerful engines beyond your requirements – just in case the business expands.
  3. Available space – the amount of space should not bother you much. However, it is not reasonable to purchase a big bone saw machine knowing there is not enough space to place it.

What Next? 

It’s understandable that the bone saw machine price in Kenya varies from one outlet to another. It is good to consider your financial capability and what tasks you need to be completed before making prudent choices to get the best bone saw machine. The differences between the devices are narrow.


Some precautions must be observed when operating the bone saw machine:

  1. Don’t use the machine with badly worn or dull blades.
  2. Ensure your fingers or the thumbs are not in a position with the cut line.
  3. Always operate the saw with the wheel fitted, the pulley, and the blade guards.
  4. During replacement of the blade, ensure the teeth face downwards towards the table because the cut force is always downwards. Ensure the blade is well tensioned.
  5. Never take meat away as the saw still runs. Stop the saw, and then take the meat back.

If you fail to adhere to the instructions, you risk an electric shock, a fire, or cause serious injuries.


Each of the bone saw machine is manufactured to ensure maximum safety and hence, reliability. It is essential to go through the operation manual before attempting to operate the machine the first time. After you understand the procedure, go ahead and do your work.

N/B: If unsure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the machine’s outlet and request a technician to offer help.

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