Everything You Need to Know About Bongs in Australia

Of all of the smoking accessories out there, bongs are probably the most misunderstood and miscast. Of course, these particular accessories are associated with the recreational consumption of a very particular herb, and it is true that on an international level, that is probably the bulk of their use.

However, these particular accessories predated the widespread use of that particular herbal substance, and in many cultures, various other herbs such as tobacco, medicinal herbs and much more are also enjoyed through the use of a bong.

What are bongs?

Second only to tobacco pipes in the variety of artistry, bongs tend to be pieces of art, and many people who enjoy tobacco or other herbs tend to pride themselves in collections of rather unique and interesting designs. However, for the most part, they all work in the same functional way. They are a bottle -like chamber that fills with water. Just above the waterline, and opening exists where a straight pipe is placed, with a small bowl indentation which contains the herb to be burnt. The top of the bottle structure is where the Malthus place, and where inhalation takes place. Generally, a smaller hole on the side of the chamber, one that is covered and released periodically by a finger, commonly known as a carb also exists.

To use a bong, water is placed inside the bottle, and herbs or tobacco are packed into the bowl. It is then lit, and the user strongly inhales through the top. The smoke will then be pulled through the straight pipe, and bubble through the water before being released into the user’s lungs. Depending on the herb being smoked, this can intensify effects, smooth out the harshness of different forms of smoke, and even through flavorings in the water, affect the taste of the smoke itself. The use of a bond creates a very unique bubbling sound similar to blowing bubbles through a straw into milk albeit at a higher frequency.

Some users are fond of using ice water, water mixed with vodka or various other flavored extracts to create a unique smoking experience.

What to look for?

When looking for bongs in Australia, the most important thing to bear in mind is that, regardless of what you intend to smoke with your bong, they are sold as tobacco use only, and you need to remember this terminology. When you visit the bongs shop, you will be greeted with items made of all sorts of materials including fancy blown glass, Pyrex, plastic, fiberglass and even some made of wood, believe it or not.

The material of choice is entirely a matter of personal taste, but most people at the bong shop will tell you that glass is a bad idea if you are clumsy, have children and pets, or live in an area prone to tectonic activity. While plastic isn’t as nice, it is much more durable and resistant to damage.

What kind of tobacco can I use in a bong?

Technically, any tobacco that isn’t smokeless can be enjoyed through a bong. This includes cigarette tobacco, looseleaf tobacco, pipe tobacco and various blends of the two. Hookah tobacco can also be used, but generally doesn’t provide a particularly pleasant experience through a bong.

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