Everything You Need to Know About Car Wash Machine in Kenya

Today, car wash business is among the most preferred businesses to start. Various individuals within Kenya are currently buying cars. Therefore, having a dependable car wash machine can help you in making money by cleaning cars to earn a living.Car wash business can best flourish in urban areas. If you visit this site btjunkie you can find out more about guest posts, you can find out more information if you visit this site mininova

There are two categories of car wash machines; professional and domestic machines. They vary slightly from one another. Domestic machines (car wash) are normally small designs used at home while professional machines(car wash) are commonly used for commercial gains. The following are the features to look for while purchasing a car wash machine: Click here the website searchusers you can find out the lots of information thumbtube

Rate of Water Flow

A higher rate of water flow implies that the car wash machine flows more water within a given second. Such flow rate fastens the cleaning tasks because more water is availed on demand at your particular disposal.


Pressure is another important feature that goes hand in hand with higher rate of water flow. An appropriate car wash machine having high ability can attain higher pressures of 150 bar. With such pressure, water is removed at high velocity from the car wash machine nozzle for easy cleaning. Additional details on the required pressure are in the manual.

Hose Length

Length of hose is a significant consideration since it determines the distance movable from the machine while cleaning. An adequately big hose enables you to move from a certain car without carrying the machine. The majority of professional designs come with adequately long hoses and cords (power cable) for electric ones.


Maintenance of the car wash machine is dependent on the way you are using it. Therefore, the machine should be lubricated regularly for the moveable parts and washed daily after using it. Incase of the breakdown of its parts, consult a particular technician for assistance. The technician can later give further details to how to maintain it henceforth.

Engine Power or Size

Engine power or size is the third feature that affects directly the initial two factors. It is outlined on every specification in watts or HP. Higher power boosts the pressure and flow rate of the machine. Engine power or size is an important feature in evaluating the price of portable car washer machine.


Portability is a significant feature to consider if you are purchasing the car wash machine for domestic or business use. A powerful car wash machine on a particular heavy section come designed with wheels to ease the movement. Those lacking wheels should have handles and lightweight to ease carrying them.


This is the appropriate guide for any individual looking for  important features to consider while buying a certain car wash machine. Details of car wash machine in Kenya that have been described in this article are realistic, therefore apply them with confidence. Any car wash machine with the above features is good whether using it for business or domestic purpose.

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