Everything You Need to Know About Hip Replacement or Arthroplasty in 2021

Total hip replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is a surgical process that involves replacing a broken or diseased hip joint with a prosthesis. Basically, the purpose of hip replacement surgery is to replace the damaged portions of the hip joint. It also aids in the relief of hip pain that is resistant to other treatments. The following are the three components that make up the hip prosthesis:

  1. A stem that inserts into the thigh bone.
  2. A cup that is put into the hip joint’s socket.
  3. A ball that inserts into the stem.

Cemented and uncemented prostheses are the two types of prostheses used in total hip replacement surgery. Depending on the patient’s decision, or a mixture of both is sometimes utilized during surgery. This is the procedure’s most significant benefit and the primary rationale for surgery. A hip replacement can significantly reduce pain, with virtually all patients experiencing complete or near-total relief from arthritic hip pain after the procedure.

When other non-surgical and surgical options fail to relieve the patient of their severe hip pain, hip joint surgery is performed. Greater movement, enhanced hip joint mechanics, and pain-free movement are all benefits of successful hip joint surgery. Total hip replacement operations are divided into two categories, depending on whether a single or both hip joints are replaced. The term “total hip replacement bilateral” refers to the replacement of hip joints on both sides. When both sides are damaged, this operation is performed.

Best candidates:-

Bilateral hip replacement surgery is advised for patients who have the following symptoms:

  • Hip pain on both sides restricts regular tasks such as walking and bending.
  • Hip stiffness that prevents mobility or uplifting of the leg.
  • When there is no relief from anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, or walking appliances or support

Why choose a hip replacement in India?

Hip replacement surgery is a crucial procedure that can significantly enhance the mobility and quality of life of people who have limited mobility owing to severe pain. However, it takes a lot for the operation to be successful in the end, and a lot of it depends on how skillfully the surgeon does the procedure and whether or not the option to undergo the surgery was made at the proper moment. Arthroplasty in India is carried out by a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon. The orthopedic surgeon removes the patient’s problematic hip joint and replaces it with a new one during this procedure. When compared to some of the world’s western countries, the cost of hip replacement surgery in India is extremely low. While affordability is one factor, people from other countries are drawn to India because there is no waiting period for hip replacement surgery. It can be organized ahead of time and is usually carried out within a few days of a patient’s arrival in the nation.

Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai are the best cities for hip replacement in India.

Below mentioned is the success rate for hip replacement surgery in India:-

The success rate for hip replacement surgery is very high when conducted properly in the finest hospital for hip replacement surgery in India. This is the primary reason why people wish to drive to India on medical visas to have the surgery performed there. The success rate for hip replacement surgery performed by the best orthopedic surgeons in India is approximately 99 percent. Overall, complete hip replacement is regarded as one of the most successful operations available in medicine. This is incredibly high in the medical area, taking into consideration all of the patient’s circumstances.

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