Everything You Need to Know About KPI Tools

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are software used to track, manage and analyze dashboards and business data. Being such a powerful method of organization for people, it’s vital to understand how it works and the basics to use it.

What are KPI Software Tools?

KPI Software tools are business intelligence that tracks and analyzes performance indicators. Used to measure how is your business performing on different goals based on different parameters such as profit, satisfaction, or revenue.

By identifying those parameters with these tools, it’s possible then to correct and make necessary changes.

Depending on what’s used for, its tool levels can vary. Higher levels can be often found focusing on general performance. Low-KPI levels are concentrated on different processes or various employee departments.

While most of the time it’s used for financial tracking, KPIs can do almost everything. Many industries follow concrete guidelines, but they have to select for themselves what KPIs must measure. That’s what makes this tool varied.

KPI Features

There are many useful features to be used, according to your needs. Although some are more essential than others, all of them have vital importance.

Simplistic and Customizable

KPI needs to be simple and easy to understand for everyone, in order to set goals that your employees can comprehend. Its customization also allows dashboards to be edited according to the needs of every organization.

Data Display and Integration

KPI includes features to allow collecting data from different businesses or organizations. Data sources, reports, surveys, and more can be analyzed and displayed on the dashboards previously created.

These charts or graphs bring a new way to easily identify trends and data patterns. The tool also allows a feature to utilize templates to get right away with checking data.

Allows Better Decision Making

Not only helps users with tracking data but also sets or meets certain goals the organization may have. Empowering data-driven decision-making with KPI tools grants the users all the info they need to monitor and achieve objectives.


This software is also capable to monitor and inform when things aren’t going as planned. If any number skyrockets or goes below a certain threshold, a powered alert machine will detect it. Anomalies and drastic changes will be sent to the user, without the need to log in to check.

These alerts are provided in real-time and are at your fingertips. There’s no need to search through many files and spreadsheets anymore.

Share Anywhere

KPI tools have the ability to share any report you need to show, anywhere and anytime. All you need is an internet connection. An automated report set for a specific time, an URL link, filters to allow others to explore it, or even convert to image files.

Between this wide range of options, you can choose from the most supported files like PDF, PNG, JPG, XLS, or CSV.

Why You Should Start Using It Now

Software like this helps to open a door to improvement options, gaining the chance to rely on data analysis and better decision-making. It is known that humans comprehend images faster than reading a bunch of numbers and words, and the interactive interface permits that.

Modern tools not only a pack of utilities and awesome features but also speed and accuracy, saving precious time for businesses. Uses will be able to act faster on trends, catch the shifts between customer behavior and the market, and many more.


Key Performance Indicators greatly help businesses in many forms, from financial to industrial. Using these tools not only will save you time, but enhance your working space with new ideas and ways to perform.

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