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Maybe you know who Matt Stonie is and what he does, but how well do you really know about him? For example, when is his birthday? What is his zodiac sign? And how much is Matt Stonie net worth? If are interested to know more details about Stonie, you’ve been in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss his wiki, personal life, career and more. Let’s begin.

Early Life & Bio

Matt Stonie was born in the United States on May 24, 1992. Dorian and Cathy Stonie were his parents. Morgan Stonie, Morgan’s younger brother, is also in the family. Matt is 5’8″ and weighs 59 kg, which is a rather little weight for his caloric intake. Among his friends and fans, Megatoad, a character from the Super Mario Bros. video game, is his most common moniker.

Personal Life

Matt’s forefathers originatedfrom several countries like Japan, Czechoslovakia, and Lithuania. He wentto the Evergreen Valley Senior high school in San Jose, California.The individual life of Matt is yet to be checked out, and the rate eater has not yet disclosed any type of info concerning his existing as well as previous relationship condition. As there are no rumors about him thus far, we assume that he is single today. It appears that he has love only for consuming as well as except any woman.

Career and Awards

Experiencing the growing appeal of the YouTube, Stonie decided to create his own YouTube network in which he would certainly publish video clips of him consuming large amounts of food in a reasonably short time. On August 23, 2012, he started a YouTube account called Matt Stonie and posted his first video on August 27 in which he drank a gallon of Gatorade in 37 seconds.

He became popular via his videos on YouTube as he ate an unbelievable quantity of food in extremely much less time like eating 25 McDonald’s huge mac sandwiches in simply 22 mins. People like Cheech & Chong shared and praised his videos and also Bam Margera who shared his videos on their sites. As of now, his channel has 5 million subscribers and has actually collected over 1 billion sights.

In 2015, he completed in the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest versus the contest’s 8-time protecting champion Joey Chestnut. Stonie beat Chestnut by eating 62 hotdogs to chestnut’s 60 and come to be the brand-new champ. In 2016, Chestnut beat Stonie by 70 hot dogs to 53.

Stonie has up until now held 22 globe records in affordable and also speeding eating which include consuming 43 slugburgers in 10 minutes, consuming a 5.5 pound birthday cake in 9 mins, 85 moon pies in 8 mins, 34 pepperoni rolls in 10 mins, and so on.

Matt Stonie Net Worth in 2022

Since 2022, his net worth is approximated to be $7.5 million. The main source of his revenue is his engagement in lots of competitive eating contests. As he has actually ended up being a familiar figure in affordable consuming, the majority of contests pay him for his engagement as it would certainly increase the audiences count. Another crucial resource of his income is the YouTube network he runs and also the endorsements he gets through the network.

Matt initially triumph in the lobster consuming contest that brought him the cash prize of $1000 urged him to occupy eating as his profession, which he performed with his body and soul. Provided to his capability as well as skill, he is expected to become a millionaire quickly.

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