Experience Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina – Delicious Food & Unequaled Hospitality

The city of Dubai is a perfect blend of modernism and traditionalism. The city has done an impeccable job in adopting modernism while preserving the rich cultural heritage. One of the primo examples of this fusion is the Dhow Cruise. On a Dhow Cruise, you can acquire a wonderful experience of enjoying lip-smacking delicacies with your loved ones while sailing under a starry sky. Let us elaborate on the amazing Dubai Dhow Cruise for you further.

What’s the History?

A Dhow is simply a wooden boat that was used by the old fishing industry of Dubai. When the city struck oil, these dhows came on the verge of extinction. Recognizing the glorious opportunity that these Dhows held, entrepreneurs kicked into action and refurbished these fishing boats into a floating dinner cruise. As of now, you can choose from Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. Dubai Marina is the modern part of the city whereas Dubai Creek is the old part of the city highlighting its rich cultural heritage.

How to Book?

The process to book your seats on a dhow cruise is incredibly easy. You can simply go online and get the booking done without the involvement of any middlemen. A wonderful aspect of the dhow cruise is that even if you are traveling on a budget, you can easily slide in this activity onto your itinerary without going through an overhaul of your finances.

The dhow dinner cruise in Dubai offers a booking facility to even those who are looking to celebrate their birthdays, have a wedding, or even corporate meetings and formal conferences over a dhow. However, you need to get the booking done well before the actual event.

Activities on a Dhow Cruise

  • Sight-Seeing

Taking in the skyline of the city while sailing on a dhow feels absolutely amazing. It is a sight-seeing experience like no other. The skyscrapers and the beaches on Dubai Marina and the traditional architecture on Dubai Creek will leave you highly impressed.

  • Live Singing & Dancing

As mentioned above, a Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a perfect example of the city’s successful attempt to conserve its rich culture while adopting the facets of modernism. This statement gets weight from the fact that you get to witness live cultural shows on the dhow as well. This includes a live singing performance and ‘Tanura’; a Turkish dance form executed by male dancers.

  • Delicious Food

A combination of Arab and international cuisine; the food served on a dhow is luscious. When you combine the scrumptious food with the unparalleled hospitality of the waiters; you are all set to experience the royal treatment aboard a dhow.


From this post, it is incredibly easy to conclude that even if you are in the city of Dubai for just a day, the dhow dinner cruise is an experience that you must not miss. Let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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