Expert Tips to Keep Your Hip Joints Healthy and Functional

When conducting everyday activities, individuals are exposed to different knee and lower back injuries. Do you know that these injuries could occur because of your weak hip joints that do not move effectively? Notably, healthy hip joints allow your thigh bone to move in different directions. In addition, the stronger hip gives you stability which helps you to maintain balance when you are walking. However, strenuous activities and desk jobs can hinder the optimal functioning of the hip joints, which increases susceptibility to knee and back injuries. Therefore, keeping these joints healthy will also help other joints operate effectively. Here are the self-care tips that dr. timothy kavanaugh has shared to help you keep your hip joints healthy and functional.

Exercise Regularly

How often do you engage in physical activities? Many people underrate the power of exercises when it comes to maintaining the wellness of the hip joints until they develop complications in these joints. Physical exercises help build the joints’ endurance and boost their flexibility, reducing the chances of hip injuries. Create a strict routine for the hip exercises such as hip circles and squats for at least thirty minutes daily. Know your limits and reduce the intensity of exercises whenever you experience sharp pain during your training.

Watch Out for Your Load

You cannot avoid lifting objects from the ground as you progress with your day. However, carrying excess weight for a long time can increase the chances of hip complications. Therefore, carrying the essential objects in your purse is necessary to reduce excessive stress on your hip joints. If your job necessitates heavy lifting, you should request help from your colleagues.

Wear the Correct Footwear

You may think improper shoes will impact your feet’ health, but they do more. Notably, the alignment of different joints, such as hips, relies on your walking steps. Tight-fitting shoes can impair your walking style, thus interfering with and causing imbalance as you stand, which usually increases joint strain. Therefore, you should wear comfortable shoes that support the arch, thus maintaining the wellness of your joints.

Eat Right

Your joint wellness also depends on the meals that you put on the plate. Highly processed sugars can heighten the chances of inflammation in the hip joints, which usually triggers discomfort. Replacing those meals with healthy diets like dark leafy greens can help keep hip osteoarthritis at bay.

Improve Safety Measures in Your Home

A broken hip is one of the fatal injuries that you get after a fall. In most cases, individuals experience hip fractures in their homes. Fortunately, you can adopt certain steps to make your home a fall-free area. Improve lighting along the staircases to minimize the chances of falls as you climb the stairs. Putting the grab bar in your shower can also help prevent falls.


Your hip joints play a crucial role in maintaining your stability when walking. It is, therefore, necessary to do what it takes to maintain the wellness of your hips. Engaging in physical exercises will help boost joint flexibility reducing the risk of hip injuries. Making healthy dietary changes will help reduce the likelihood of arthritis within the hip joints. If you experience pain in your hip joints despite your preventive measures, you should never ignore it. Contact your health provider for necessary medical intervention.

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