Extreme Water Sports: A Gateway to Your Adrenaline Rush

Like the sky, the sea has always been something challenging for man. For many centuries, several civilizations wondered what was in that immensity of waters, imagining the existence of monsters and magical creatures.

Over time, many of them set out to sea to discover new lands and cultures. And others to have fun and explore the contact of us, terrestrial beings, and this different environment.

It is for this reason that water sports fascinate spectators so much. How is it possible to swim so fast?

Water sports were already present in antiquity and were practiced by the Greeks. There are records that indicate, for example, that swimming was an activity taught to the population, being seen as a source of physical conditioning and health.

Why you should try extreme water sports?

Extreme water sports in North Goa are excellent options for those who want to start practicing some kind of sport. However, the activity requires courage and the constant overcoming of countless challenges to be put to good use.

It is known that physical exercises are important to keep the body with energy and health – favoring disposition and vitality. Plus, the extra dose of adrenaline strengthens immunity, boosts confidence and improves overall well-being.

What are the advantages of doing extreme water sports?

Extreme water sports offer several benefits. In addition to improving physical conditioning, it is also possible to be in direct contact with nature and live great moments of relaxation. Furthermore, the joints of the body do not suffer from overload, and there is a greater development of balance, flexibility and strength. Not to mention that those who choose this type of activity guarantee the reduction of stress and the burning of many calories. However, it is necessary to be very careful with food and seek, whenever possible, to be assisted and accompanied by trained professionals – in order to avoid injuries or other types of risks.

What are the main extreme water sports?

There are several options of modalities for the practice of extreme sports in the water, and the person must choose the one that best suits their profile and conditioning. Next, check out the 3 main ones to start exercising today.


This water sport consists of sliding on a board attached to the practitioner’s feet, and a kite that allows flights and other maneuvers, such as jumping in the high seas. The practice depends exclusively on the direction of the wind and on the ability to maintain balance – characterizing it as an easy-to-learn exercise.


Wakeboarding is an extreme sport that uses a board, snowboard style, to pull the person through a speedboat in the water. The activity works the muscles of the whole body, favoring strength and motor coordination. Including, practitioners also acquire improvement in the conditioning of the cardiorespiratory system and physical fitness.


The practice of flyboard is a modality that propels the body for flights of up to 7 meters in height. For this, two jets of water are used that come out of coupled tubes and located at the passenger’s foot. Depending on the power of the hose, even greater heights can be reached — however, for safety reasons, instructors recommend certain limits for the activity.

Some of these activities can be practiced by both adults and children. Other than this, Bungee Jumping in Goa is also a popular extreme sports activity. This means that, especially in the case of minors, some skills are developed, such as concentration, confidence and stronger motor coordination.

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