Factors Determining the Price of Commercial Juice Dispensers in Kenya

The article broadly discusses information concerning commercial juice dispensers.

In this article, we will discuss what a commercial juice indicator is, the different commercial indicators, and the factors influencing the machine’s price in Kenya. The content also clarifies the main components of the device.

A commercial juice dispenser is a machine used to dispense beverages. It is commonly used in clubs, restaurants, hotels, or even bars. Other names of the device are cold drink dispensers and iced beverage dispensers.

There are two types of machines: electric machines and non-electric machines. However, the device has the following components;

  • The lid of the machine is the topmost part.
  • A clear polycarbonate container establishes the purpose of holding the liquid.
  • A stainless steel frame prevents the device from rusting
  • The last part of the machine is the removable drip tray.

It is essential to consider the following factors when purchasing the machine.

Size of the machine

Different types of machines have different dimensions. The difference in sizes of the devices gives an excellent reflection of the price difference. Small-sized, medium-sized, and large-sized all vary in price. The small ones have the lowest, followed by the medium ones, and the large ones are the most expensive.

The machines also vary in size depending on the number of bottles the device can hold. Some can hold one bottle, whereas others can hold up to three bottles, the most expensive ones.

Materials used to form the machine.

Materials used to form the machine greatly influence the price of the device. There are machines made up of pure stainless steel and coated silver. The two machines have different costs due to the materials used to form them. The cheap one is the one made up of stainless steel, whereas the one made up of silver is expensive since silver is a very expensive mineral and does not rust easily.

The performance of the machine

Commercial juice dispenser price depends on whether it performs under electric or not. Those that do not require electricity are cheap and easy to get compared to the electric ones. Since they have simple skills, electric commercial juice dispensers are the most expensive since they require fuel to function.

Transport costs

Wholesale and retail shops sell their machines depending on the client’s location. Clients can find the device at varying prices depending on where they are. Wholesalers and retailers look for other factors before determining the prices of the machine. Such factors may include competition, transport costs, demand, and purchasing power of the clients.

The energy of the machine

Energy or power is the rate of work done per unit of time by the machine. Different types of commercial juice dispensers have different speeds in doing work. For example, devices with higher rates of doing work are more expensive than those with lower rates. The energy of the machine determines how fast the machine completes the work.

The company which made the machine

Different types of companies assemble this type of machine using other methods. The various companies use different types of materials to manufacture the product, therefore making the product’s price vary from one company to another.

In conclusion, the information given above is helpful to a client who would wish to purchase a commercial juice dispenser.

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