Factors Influencing Single-phase Posho Mill Prices in Kenya

A posho mill makes grinding easy, especially in rural areas without milling machines. This would be a great investment since people in rural have a ready harvest of grains, and they need to turn them into flour. Looking at single-phase mill prices in Kenya is your next stop to starting a milling business.

In Kenya, posho mills are either powered by electricity or by diesel. The cost of a single-phase mill in Kenya is affected by a number of variables, including the type of electric posho mill that is available, the desired quality, the posho mill’s features, the manufacturer, the store where it is purchased, and the posho mill’s power.

Below are some factors to consider when buying an electric posho mill in Kenya;

  • Power source

When looking for a single-phase posho mill in Kenya, you should assess your power access to at the place you will have the posho mill installed. Also, look at the product that will be handled daily to avoid machine overwork.

The posho mills can only handle small amounts of products daily, making them only suitable for small scale businesses. Single-phase posho mills have small engines that have no power capacity to handle large inputs.

Set up your business in a place with a constant power supply if you are going for an electric single-phase posho mill.

  • Energy efficiency

Effectiveness and efficiency are factors considered in all sectors. Single phase posho mill prices in Kenya will determine whether your machine is of good quality and has good output. A machine that can perform very fast is preferable even to clients who visit your shop.

This means that energy and time are saved during operations, leading to the satisfaction of the business owner and the clients.

  • Quality

Once you know the size of your input and therefore decide to buy a single-phase posho mill, you must look into other factors like quality. Cost-effectiveness is crucial while making any purchases. Like to other Kenyan goods, the cost of a single-phase posho mill varies depending on its level of excellence. Always choose reputable posho mill manufacturers.

Your posho mill should last you a long time without frequent repairs. Though repairing may seem small or even negligible, they slowly eat into your profit in the long run. Repair costs and replacements that will eat your profits can be avoided if you get quality products. As a business, you want to keep it for a long time. The material used in making the posho mill will show its lasting capability.

Also, note that some materials are not readily available; therefore, when repairing the machine, you find no spare parts, resulting in machine grounding. All factors about quality should be considered when buying a posho mill machine.


Electric posho mills are preferred even in rural areas due to their efficiency and friendliness to the environment, as they do not emit smoke when in use. They also only require a little maintenance. When considering single-phase posho mill prices in Kenya, it is important to look at other factors that go with it, which can speed up the machine’s operations. Check also roller mill price in Kenya.