Factors That Ruining Your Sleep Pattern

Among numerous modern problems, insomnia is a notable one. Sleeping disorder or insomnia is a major cause to destroy circadian rhythm in your body. People of all ages can suffer from this problem.

As a victim of insomnia, I have had my fair share of sleepless nights. It has affected my personal and professional life quite negatively. So, I started researching how to get rid of the condition.

So, first of all, I had to pinpoint the reasons for not getting a good night’s sleep. Surprisingly the reasons were quite relatable, and I have seen many people around me having similar habits.

In this article, I will discuss some habits that are causing you a sleeping disorder. If you want to get rid of the sleeping problem, reforming these habits can go a long way.

Smartphones and Social Media

I have personally faced this problem a lot, and I want you to be aware of it as well. Smartphones and social media have opened a window for us to get to know the world effortlessly. So usually, before sleeping, I browse my social media or play some silly games on my phone.

Sometimes those games can turn so intense that I keep myself awake just to clear another level. On the other hand, social media are designed to be addictive. You may be staying hours on social media for no good reason, watching videos that you have seen numerous times (personal experience).

So, keeping smartphones can be quite handy to grab some quality sleep. Limit yourself and make time boundaries for how long you are going to be invested on your phone. After that time, keep it further away from your reach.

It’s better to force your eyes shut and lie in the dark than scrolling through your phone. Sooner or later, you will find some sleep. Once you have done this for two-three days, your body will get used to it, and you can grab some sleep timely.

A few weeks back, I was awake for more than 48 hours and just couldn’t get any sleep. So the next day, I switched off all my devices and silently lay on the bed. It was painful for the first three hours; I even counted more than a thousand sheep. Finally, I grabbed my sleep, and for now, I’m strictly maintaining my routine.

Having a Heavy Meal Before Going to Bed

When you have a meal, your body’s digestive system starts to work to make it consumable for your cells. Therefore, you can have immense trouble getting asleep. In some cases, it can surface heartburn symptoms as well.

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Trying to get some sleep after having a heavy dinner can often be very uncomfortable for your body. This can make you experience sleepless nights while lying in bed.

Moreover, drinking too much water before sleep can urge you to release the water often. This interferes with your quality of sleep throughout the night. So, giving at least one hour of a gap between dinner and bedtime is highly recommended.

Adverse Sleeping Environment

The sleeping environment highly affects in grabbing a quality slumber. A noisy environment can hinder you from catching a peaceful shut-eye. Also, if your room is too cold or too hot, it may keep you awake and toss and turn all over to have some comfort.

A relaxing environment can be conducive to grabbing some peaceful z’s. This environment will soothe your body and mind and help you fall asleep in no time. Without a soothing atmosphere, your sleep will be disrupted multiple times during the night.

Long Power Naps

Power naps can fuel up your body to take up challenging tasks. It can re-energize your body effectively and help you with completing your tasks accordingly.

Some people are used to taking a nap after lunch religiously. It could be pretty efficient if you didn’t have a good sleep at night. However, it also may be the reason why you are not having a good sleep at night.

A long midday nap can be the killer of a peaceful snooze. It can also introduce sleep apnea disorder in your body. So, limit your power naps unless it’s absolutely required.

Multifunctional Bedroom

For a peaceful sleep, it is essential to keep your destruction further away. If you use your bedroom as a multifunctional room, all the demons of work, your gaming console gets alive when you are trying to sleep.

So, keep your bedroom only for sleeping purposes. Driveaway all the gadgets to have a good sleep at night from your bedroom.

Alcohol, Cigarettes and Caffeine Consumption Before Sleeping

For starters, alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes have an adverse effect on your health. These items can stress you out more to stop you from getting enough sleep.

Alcohol can make you pretty dizzy. Yet, it can shred all the stages of your sleep. And I don’t even want you to remember the intense hangover moments.

Caffeine helps you to stay awake, not falling asleep. One espresso shot can keep you awake for more than 6 hours uninterruptedly. Therefore, avoiding caffeine products hours before getting ready for bed is absolutely recommended.

The same goes for nicotine. It can completely ruin your sleeping pattern. If you are way too addicted to nicotine, you may have an urge to light up a cigarette in between your sleep.

Asking for Help

If you have problems getting sleep, asking for help is the best thing you can do. Consult a doctor if necessary.

There are some amazing gadgets that can help you fall asleep. A white noise machine is the perfect example of such a gadget.

If your insomnia is a result of a disrupted circadian rhythm, it is possible to restore it. Red light therapy for sleep can be quite helpful in this manner. Red light therapy can help improve your quality of sleep and can successfully restore your body’s biological clock .

Before taking any step, it is crucial to seek advice from a professional. The professional will know what is stopping you from getting the optimum sleep and will be able to help you in this manner effectively.

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