Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Pressurized Solar Water Heater

A pressurized water heater panel is a device used to warm water under very high pressure by converting sun rays into energy and transforming that energy into heat to provide warmth.

High electricity bills and unreliable power supply have been a big challenge to society today, leading to the development of solar systems, which in one way or another, have substituted the use of electricity. Many people have chosen solar systems over electricity.

This article has thoroughly explained the factors to consider when purchasing a solar water heater.

1. Number of Users in the House

An average person can use up to 30 liters of water daily. Thus, considering the solar heater’s size matters a lot. Contrary to use in households alone, it can also be used in extensive social facilities like hospitals, schools, laundry areas, hostels, hotels, and even social halls.

In these extensive facilities, the size of the solar heater must be more significant contrary to the one in the household, because it will be heating a lot of water needed and used by many people. This clearly shows that the size and type as well of the water heater matter with the number of consumers.

Therefore, the number of users matters in common with size to fully accommodate the users.

2. Source of Pressure and Water

When installing a pressurized solar water heater, it’s important to consider pressure systems in place with the source of water in the house as well.

To achieve maximum water pressure, you should raise the tank to a higher level, either that of the roof or even higher than that. The higher the tank is, the higher the amount of pressure. Pressure also comes as a result of water in the tank.

Therefore, there should be enough water in the raised tank to attain maximum pressure. In other words, the source of water should be reliable if either rainwater or underground water.

3. Type and Functionality

Solar heaters are made up of two types of collectors based on their functionality. These two types include flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors.

Flat plate collectors are more suitable and durable in tropical climate areas because they are made of materials like aluminum with higher conductivity and emissivity. In contrast, evacuated tube collectors are best used in both tropical and temperate climate areas due to the bulk material they are made from.

4. Solar Service Life

Cheap is expensive; thus, buying a solar heater from any place can be of significant disadvantage. This means that when buying a solar heater, you should consider where you are buying and purchasing from.

Always consider buying from a well-renowned company to increase its durability and decrease maintenance costs. Prominent promising industries and manufacturing brands make the best solar heaters; therefore, it is essential always to consider the source of the heater.

In conclusion, the factors mentioned above should be in place to have a good and durable solar heater. This will, in an extensive manner, increase durability and decrease maintenance costs.

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