Factors to consider when searching for Grade 1 Posho mill in Kenya

Grade 1 electric posho mill combines an ordinary mailing machine grade one. All these machines work differently depending on the manufacturers and how it’s being used and handled.

They came into existence due to technologies brought about by the colonist who tried and proved to be the best. In Kenya, it has brought various impacts economically. The Grade 1 works when you first deposit grains in the huller to clean and remove the skin, making it suitable to pass through easily, forming flour with no particles after being sifted. There is no need to worry about this grade 1 product as much as the quantity reduces, and the quality seen is nutritious.

This article will work best for one who intends to purchase one or is planning to own his/hers. All these are in this article.

This is the most challenging aspect of the market system for a buyer as any seller or company will use various terminologies to convince a buyer to take their product without considering consequences, but here l come with simple means anyone can access. Here are some factors you can look at


Any buyer prioritizes a long-lasting product depending on the grade 1 electric posho mill price in Kenya and goes out with this in mind “cheap things are expensive,” so no matter the cost, look for something durable.

Function ability

Ask yourself the inquiry before concluding “Is this product functioning effectively?” if you have the answer, you can go ahead and buy it when you are thoroughly convinced.


When planning something, you must have some objectives which you want to fulfill, and this is where you have to search for something that has a market and can drive more customers hence making a profit without regrets.


You need to know the type of machine you want, the prices from different companies, and know which one produces quality machines.

Impact of Grade 1 Posho mill price in Kenya

If you want a quality thing, you must be able to bare the price as everything good must be expensive.

  • It nutritious,
  • It is clean and soft,
  • It makes digestion take place quickly as one will not have to put more effort into swallowing the already-made ugliness.


To wrap up, this is the best compared to grade 2, regardless of price. One goes for the result without looking back at the amount spent on it, provided it works best and for the purpose for which it is bought to perform.

For anyone who wants a posho mill business, the best advice is to go for both grades 1 and 2 putting in mind that some people prefer grade 2 over grade 1 as they sometimes say that grade 1 belongs to the upper class and 2 to the middle class. We are here to assure you that that is false, and that any status can make the purchase.

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