Facts about Bunions that Every Individual Should Know

The feet are one of the individual organs that play critical roles in the human body. Since they are usually active, they are likely to suffer from different problems. One of the common conditions the feet can suffer is bunions. Bunions occur when the pressure of walking and weight bearing is unevenly distributed across the individuals. This condition is painful and, if left untreated, can lead to deformity. If you are suffering from bunions Bakersfield, you should seek treatment before the condition worsens. The following are the bunion facts that every individual should know.

They are More Prevalent in Women

It has been evident that women are at a higher risk of having bunions than their male counterparts. One reason is that women usually have a smaller foot shape than males. Moreover, women wear high heels which tip the body forward, forcing the toe to be at the front of the shoe. This shoe increases the arch, thereby boosting the risk of bunions. Moreover, women are more likely to wear tight shoes than males.

Bunions Will Only Worsen

Bunions affect the individual’s inner foot at the base of the big toe or outside the foot at the little toe base. Some people delay having treatment expecting that the condition will seize naturally. However, the truth is if you fail to seek treatment, bunions can only get worse. The main reason is bunions enlarge and become more painful. Therefore, the person could struggle to wear the shoes correctly or walk. You should therefore take prompt action to prevent having chronic bunion pain in the future.

Bunions Will Never Return After a Treatment

Hearing that bunions will never return after an effective treatment is good news. In most instances, bunions are uncomfortable since the person has excruciating pain which interferes with their life. In most instances, people look at how they can treat this condition to start enjoying a normal life. Even after having treatment, most people fear the condition could recur in the future. However, you should note that the bunions will never return after the right treatment.

Surgery is not the Only Treatment

Some people believe that to recover from bunions, they must undergo surgery. However, the truth is that the person can recover even without undergoing an operation. Sometimes the specialist can instruct you to rest, ice, and have medications and steroid injections. Surgery is usually used as a final solution to remove severe bunions. Since there are different options, you should visit the specialist to choose the best option. If the specialist chooses a different procedure rather than surgery, you should be confident that the process will be effective.

Most Bunion Cases are Highly Hereditary

In most instances, bunions run in the family line. For instance, your foot type, structure, and shape are hereditary. Some flat foot types have low arches and loose tendons, and joints are more prone to bunions. Therefore, if your family suffers from bunions, you are also likely to suffer from them.

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