Fathers Day Gifting Hacks That Fit Right Into Your Budget

Fathers day is on the third Sunday of June and that means you get more time to think (or forget) about what gifts you are going to buy for dad. With mom and Mothers day, you never know when the second week of May starts (because it’s the second) but once June is half way though you literally have no excuse for not having enough time to buy a decent Fathers day gift from Floweraura.

Add to that the fact that your dad will definitely expect his gift to be as good as what you got your mom and you’re under a lot of pressure to live up to those expectations. The only problem is that buying a gift for mom was easy, it was either flowers or jewelry and mom isn’t as demanding (or critical) as dad. There are no flowers and jewelry type things for fathers day gifts, there aren’t any obvious and easy solutions and trying to go to the quirky side of gifts by giving your dad flowers will get you in trouble (lots of it).

The real problem with buying a gift for dad (especially if you’re a teenager still living with your parents) is the fact that all the best and highly recommended gifts won’t be in your budget until you turn forty. You can’t just go to the local supermarket and buy your dad toothpaste or aftershave because that’s the same as buying chocolate for mom from the concession store. The alternative to the car themed or sports themed gifts that are available are key chains and jerseys and they’re just too small. When your dad compares them to how big the flowers were that you got your mom, he won’t feel the love.

Instead of going with these ordinary gifts for your dad try a little something different like fathers day fruit baskets. Your dad will like the fact that he gets different kinds of fruits in one basket. If you think a fruit basket might not work for him; try a fruit bouquet. Fruit bouquets are fruit gifts like gift baskets but they’re fruit sculptures that look like flowers. They are made with a huge variety of fruit like strawberries, pineapples, apples, oranges and lots more. No matter what your dad says, he’ll enjoy a food gift, especially one that looks this good.

Now though we have given you a list of solid ideas, here are some more budget friendly options:

  1. You have got to get something for him on Fathers Day, whatever you choose is likely to be greeted with a smile and a kiss, very nice – but what does he really think? Does he want the socks, record of your choice or heaven forfend, some modern piece of kit he doesn’t know how to work or even what it does?
  2. So is it going to be flowers then? Not yet, there are other things to think about. Your money is no doubt hard earned and you only want to part with it for the perfect gift, something special. Ah ha, there it is right in front of you, a tee shirt that has the latest graphics on the front and goodness knows what on the back. Great, problem solved and you buy it.

Dads are sensitive about the messages they are giving out, is it macho enough, is it ‘cool’ and tips him as an alpha Dad, is it rude? He won’t wear it you know, his personality has to be reflected in his tee shirt art.

  1. Flowers by post, are they the only things left? Never! Be brave and consider buying him chocolates, much better but the trap is there, mainly in the form of your Mother who tells him he can’t eat them as he is supposed to be on a diet again. You could try the old line of ‘these are low cal chocolates’ but don’t hold your breath.
  2. Have you given up yet? If so, then flowers by post it will have to be, some lovely long lasting macho carnations probably are best and he will love them. Oh yeah? Well probably he won’t actually love them, just sniff one or two and then pass them to someone to put the difficulty into the vase bit.

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