Features and Uses of Safety Boots

Safety shoes nowadays come in different designs instead of the early days when they were limited to boots. These designs include sneakers, clogs and even official shoes. This article focuses on their safety features and what to look for when buying.

Safety boots sometimes referred to as steel-toe boots or steel-capped boots, are shoes that are well known for their durability and steel reinforcement for the protection of your toes. They are majorly used by industrial workers to protect their toes from falling objects. These shoes are not limited to use by industrial workers but by anyone who wants to keep their feet safe.


The origin of these shoes can be traced to the 17th century in Europe, when shoes identified as “sabots” were invented. They were invented for protecting workers’ feet in Europe from being pierced by sharp objects. It is rumoured that the workers sabotaged their employers by throwing the boots into machines to stall them.The truth remains a mystery, but it just tells how strong these boots were.

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Safety shoes vary in design and quality depending on the country of manufacture but what is familiar about them is that they have codes. For instance, The Safety boots in Nairobi that are ASTM certified include a label that shows the level of safety of a particular boot. The standards are as below.

I- Impact, C- Compression, SD- Static Dissipating, Mt- Metatarsal, PR- Puncture Resistant, EH- Electrical Hazard and Cd- Conductive.

Their importance to us

Below are reasons why the use of these shoes is recommended.

1. For protection of toes against falling material.

When doing jobs that involve lifting of heavy material such as factories, accidents are prone, but their damage can be reduced tremendously when we wear protective gear, including safety shoes. The steel in them can withstand a lot of pressure exerted on them

2. For preventing slippage

These shoes have thick soles that are rugged to increase traction. The more traction a shoe has, the lesser the risk of slipping.

3. For comfort and correct posture

These shoes not only have a good grip, but are also well-cushioned. This makes you feel comfortable even when you wear them for a long period. The cushioning also allows you to have the right posture while walking, which will in turn help to prevent muscle strain.

4. For safety during harsh weather and environment.

Safety boots that are of quality standards will be waterproof. This will protect your feet during rainy days or snowy days. These shoes can help one walk on rocky areas without injuring their feet.

5. Protection against electricity

In the modern-day, virtually all our workplaces are fitted with electricity. The rubber sole in these shoes is a poor conductor of electricity, so when one is accidentally electrocuted while wearing safety boots, their chances of survival are high.


As I mentioned earlier in the article, there are several brands of safety boots and they offer different quality. According to me when buying one, the first thing you should look at is the durability and how much pressure can the shoe contain.

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