Features to look for Before Buying a Cordless Drill

Cordless drills have become a vital power tool that most households have around to keep home repairs fast and easy. sometimes it may be so intimidating when pioneering into a world of theseversatile tools. This article will help you to come to the right conclusion by giving enough information on what to count on when lookingfor a cordless drill.

A cordless drill has become more common, powerful, and affordable since it was introduced to the market.it is used to place holes in surfaces such as wood and attach fasteners and screws onto surfaces. It is lighter and easily portable as it is not attached to any cord. This makes it convenient tobe used almost in every place in the house and used for house improvements and designing.


The power of a cordless drill is determined by the amount of voltage it has. The most convenient for light household tasks usually has 16V up to 12V battery. For average common job, go for cordless drills with 12v to 18 v,they are the most commonly used as the serve universal work but not for the hard tasks.18V up to 36v  cordless drills are more versatile and are usedbyexperts who deal with heavy-duty tasks such as construction.


Different types of cordless drills come with various speed ranges and prices.Cheaper primary models have single-speed approximately 300RPM, other types have dual speed enabling them to drill and drive onto surfaces.The advanced models have the potential to work at different speeds making it more convenient when operating different tasks. Cordless drill price in Kenya depends on the type of power tool model and the speed furnished.


Torque is the twiddling force that the drill can put in the working plane and it is computed in newtons -meter(Nm). you can’t count on voltage rating when looking for the exact amount of power a cordless drill can utilize. yourequire more torqueand less speed when operating heavy duties and lesser torque in a light job. Itsrecommendedto buy a cordless model which has over 400 Newtons meter torque for hard materials such as concrete.


It can be very irritating when your power drill collapses when you are halfway through an exhaustive job, so it is advisable to get a cordless drill with an additional battery. While having your additional battery charged is more promises a good flow of your work and is more convenient. The advanced technology has improvised voltage exchange batteries which let you operate the cordless drill corresponding to your consumption. Lighter jobs tend to prolong the life of your battery while heavy jobs exhaust your battery fast.


The cordless drill is versatile and real powerhouse that can be used by any house owner, not only professionals. You might consider the features above in the power tool to come to have good conclusion about the suitable cordless model for your cfcnet tasks

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