Finance 101: All About Franking Credits Calculation

Save your money the right way! For those who don’t know much about finance, one of the most important assets to learn is how a franking credits calculation works.  Dividends are a piece of the earnings made by a business in order to reimburse its shareholders. As this is a kind of income, you would have to pay tax on it just like a salary. Despite this, the business has already paid for the tax on the money. This works in order to ward off double taxation from occurring, ensuring you don’t lose money. With this benefit, it is clear why a franking credits calculation is the best option for shareholders. Let’s learn more about this phenomenon in the next few sections below.

What is a franking credits calculation?

A franking credits calculation otherwise known as an imputation is a kind of taxation financial standing that allows a company to distribute the paid tax back to its shareholders. This is to prevent double taxation of dividends, which can cause issues for the productivity and economy of a corporation. On the other hand, shareholders are able to receive it as a refund. The formula for a franking credits calculation is:

(Number of Dividends / (1 – Company’s Profit Tax Rate)) – Number of Dividends

What are the benefits of a franking credits calculation?

1# Money Saving

A franking credits calculation is one of the best ways to save up on your money, with you receiving more money in the end. For instance, if you buy 50 shares at the cost of $10 each. If sold the shares for $20 per share, you have therefore made a complete gain of $1,000 on the original 50 shares. Another instance is through a dividend which is the share of your company earnings that’s given to the shareholder. In this way, you’ll not only save money but you will increase your savings.

2# Reduce Your Tax

One big way to decrease the amount of tax that’s been paid through dividends is through a franking credits calculation. As a result of companies paying taxes through dividends which they pass to their shareholders, this allows the company to organise a tax credit to provide their shareholders. Based on particular circumstances with their tax, these shoulders in turn will get a decrease in their taxable income and may even receive a refund. In this way, you will find yourself with more money than what you began with. This way your income will multiply, leading you to be cashed up.

3# Retire The Right Way

For retirees, they could massively benefit from a franking credits calculation. This will guarantee that their equity investments are controlled effectively, allowing them to receive the most amount benefits. Even though COVID-19 has led to the decreasing dividend income, imputation credit has remained secure despite this. The yield is much greater in comparison to other forms of assets including term deposits as well as overnight cash. This is great for retirees who can find themselves in a stable position financially as a result of a franking credits calculation.


Franking credits calculation is the best way to prevent you from double taxation, causing more money issues for you in the long run. By staying on top of your funds, you can find yourself saving, earning more money, and being able to have the means to retire easily. These benefits altogether showcase why it is a good choice to consider dividends for their investing. In this way, you can find yourself earning more money than you had planned, saving you thousands.

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