Five Bathtub Design Ideas for Your Upcoming Renovation

Immerse yourself in true relaxation with a soothing bath. Upgrade your bathroom design to inspire an atmosphere of pampering and enjoy the instant mood shift of installing a luxurious tub. Let us be your guide as you explore inspiring designs for ultimate relaxation. Here are bathroom ideas that inspire you to get that much-needed bathroom renovation.

Make your bathtub design like a spa

If you’re looking to replicate a spa experience in the comfort of your bathroom, start by choosing a stand alone bath and incorporate natural materials such as wood and stone. To further enhance the ambience, add a variety of lush decorations like potted plants, essential oil diffusers, and scented candles. Finish your design with luxurious countertops or intricate mosaic tiles for that extra touch.

Consider a minimalistic approach

To achieve a minimalistic look in your bathroom, start by opting for modern and streamlined elements. Keep the colour scheme neutral and choose a compact freestanding bathtub 1500mm long with clean lines and simple shapes. Avoid adding any unnecessary accessories and focus on creating an uncluttered environment. This will produce a light, airy effect while allowing you to retain a contemporary style. A minimalistic approach to your bathroom design can effectively achieve the right balance of modern yet functional simplicity.

Choose a clean and modern aesthetic

Achieving a sleek, modern aesthetic in your bathroom can be easier and more affordable than you think. Choosing an all-white colour palette and pairing it with the latest fixtures like modern faucets, statement lighting, and floating shelves provides an instant refresh. White is an especially great shade to work with because it bounces light around the room, making it appear even brighter, especially when plenty of natural light is available.

Pick marble for an opulent bathing experience

Investing in marble for your bathroom is a timeless choice for an opulent bathing experience. Its unique veining patterns and glossy polished finish easily add elegance to any space. Marble pairs well with many other materials, making it the perfect companion for a modern or traditional interior design. And since marble is known for its low maintenance needs and outstanding durability, you can enjoy your luxurious bathing experience for years to come.

Consider a copper tub to make a statement

Adding a copper freestanding bathtub to your bathroom design scheme is a sure way to create a bold and unique statement. Not only is copper incredibly durable, making it ideal for enduring moist conditions, but its unique texture and lustre can add warmth and richness to the room. Copper also has natural antimicrobial properties, ensuring that bacteria and moisture won’t be able to settle in easily, making your bathtub design even more practical than stylish.


No matter what kind of bathtub design idea you choose for your upcoming renovation project, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect oasis in your home. With these five tips in mind, designing the perfect bathtub should be easy and fun. Take some time today to brainstorm ideas and plan how you want your dream bathroom to look.

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