Five Reasons to Hire a Wedding Live Band Singapore Company

When we think of wedding planning, we expect a lot of work to do. As this is the first time for almost everyone who is going through it, it can be a very stressful event! Everyone wants the best for their once a lifetime event. But many are clueless on how to get it done.

Some of the main concerns that many people ask are how to keep your wedding guests entertained throughout your entire wedding? Doing it requires good professional entertainment!

But what entertainment should we choose? Some of the entertainment available out there include Magicians, D.Js, Clowns and many more. One of the most nothing-can-go-wrong types of entertainment would be to hire live musicians for your wedding.

If you’re in Singapore, you might want to hire a Wedding Live Band Singapore company to provide wedding singers and wedding emcee as your wedding entertainment. These are the most cost-efficient people, and you can never go wrong with engaging their services!

Below, we shall be sharing some of the reasons why every wedding in Singapore who is looking at having a professional wedding entertainment, should opt for having a live wedding band at their wedding.

1) Brings Joy, Laughter, and Happiness

Yes, that’s right! What would the world be without music? It will be a very dull place. For every food and beverage venue that you go to, you will hear some background music that is playing. Imagine entering a restaurant where it is silent without any sound of music – how awkward can it get?

You will know why music comes into play!

Instead of playing background music from Spotify, why not have live musicians for your wedding? Having wedding singers physically there will make a whole lot of difference to your wedding entertainment and entertaining your guests to a whole new level!

2) Song Dedications

Do you remember loving certain songs that you have heard during your childhood? Do you remember evoking specific memories of certain life events whenever you hear a particular song? If the answer is yes, then song dedications will make a significant impact for you!

Wedding Live Bands usually do provide song dedications for your wedding guests! This act of service makes a whole lot of difference in attracting the attention of the audience!

Whenever a musician sings a song that was dedicated by guests, immediately the whole table pays attention to the music. Music brings nostalgia to certain life events that you have!

Making it is one right way that the wedding singers of your live music band will keep your crowd thoroughly entertained throughout your big life event!

3) Dance with the music

Have you wanted to have a party at your wedding? Do you love going to parties and dancing your night away with drinks? Well, fret not, you can do this with your wedding live band Singapore company!

If you were to choose a company that includes a percussion element to your wedding live band, you would notice that the band sounds excited and upbeat! We know that it is excellent for the whole atmosphere, especially if you would love to have your crowd dancing along with the music and partying the night away!

Imagine a night where nobody wants to go home, and everyone keeps shouting encore to the live band at your wedding, forcing your wedding musicians to continue performing? Wouldn’t it be an excellent sight for this?

4) Wedding Emcee Double Up

Wedding Singers have another ability – they will be able to double up as an emcee for your wedding! We know that it is great news because not only you get to enjoy beautiful live music at your wedding, you will also be able to have an optional top-up to get your wedding singers to also double up as wedding emcees!

As your wedding is the most critical life event that you have, it is of utmost importance to engage a professional wedding emcee to host your entire wedding event!

A professional wedding emcee will be able to ensure that your wedding guests are well controlled, well entertained, and everything that you have planned for your big day will come into place with no hiccups. You know that it is some money that you would not want to save, would you?

5) Cost-Effective

Take a look at the costs that you are spending per table for your guests. Take a look at the prices you will be paying out to your vendors like your wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and many more.

Now, what if we told you, the cost of having a live wedding band starts from as low as just $900? What $900 consists is of a two-piece band with inclusive of a high-end professional sound system to ensure your guests get the best sounds they can get!

Yes, you got it right! Cost-effectiveness!

With just a small amount to spend as a comparison to the rest, you get the best value for money on your wedding entertainment, only by engaging a live wedding band with wedding singers and emcees to entertain your guests!

What are you still considering? Is this not enough to convince you about the goodness of this?


Wedding planning, as mentioned, is one of the biggest headaches of every wedding couple. One reason because this is mostly the first time, and also hopefully, the last time everyone needs to plan.

Because of this, most people are inexperienced, and all they need is to get a little help from someone. When there is help, there is away!

Suppose you are residing in Singapore and you are planning to hold your wedding in Singapore. In that case, you might want to consider getting your wedding entertainment in the form of a live wedding band from a company called Musical Touch. They specialize in providing live bands for weddings, corporate events and private parties!

That is all from us!

If you are planning for your wedding, we do hope that what you’ve read would help you a little or two in planning for your wedding entertainment.

Just remember, what matters most is the quality of the entertainment you can get at your once in a lifetime event of your lives!

Take care!

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