Mini tractors are small but powerful tools. It has come to many that with these tractors, you can do a lot; reduce manpower and also the cost of labor. Therefore, this has made people turn to buy tractors.

A mini tractor is a tool that is essential to a homeowner and a farmer. It has multiple purposes and enables the user to accomplish their goals. They assist a farmer in several ways the same case applies to homeowners with large compounds. They are small but they carry various tasks with the assistance of the attachments to accomplish those jobs without needing other machines.

Many have realized that with these tractors you can do a lot and reduce manpower and also the cost of labor. Therefore, people have opted for the use of tractors.

There are five popular tasks that the mini tractor can do with the assistance of attachments;


The Mini tractor is attached with a backhoe to help in digging. Digging is of different types;

There is digging of trenches for example draining trenches in the flooding waters, for house foundations, and also small trenches for planting foods.

Digging of holes such as planting of trees or putting up posts for fencing.

It is also used for digging ditches such as ditches used to store water or to drain water from the roads/streets.

Gardening or Landscaping

Old days people used oxen or donkeys to plow the land. Therefore, buying a tractor for a farmer is of great advantage since it will eliminate the traditional methods of farming to advanced farm mechanization. The mini tractor facilitates the accomplishment of many tasks and therefore it will reduce the need to purchase other small machines.

The mini tractor is compatible with blades, cultivators, a box scraper, and a hydraulic tiller to do the following great jobs;

Hydraulic tiller is used to till the land, especially in the preparation of planting crops. Also, the blades and cultivators can be used to cultivate and control the weeds. After weeding, it is also used for the planting of seeds like maize, beans, and wheat.


The tractor is used in the mowing of the land especially big compounds or those who plant hays. The tractor is attached to the mower deck or rotary cutter. It can be used to clean the yard. They are good at trimming thick and long grasses or hays, especially there is tough gravel or rocks that can destroy other mowers.

  Maintenance of Driveway

The Mini tractor assists in the cleaning and maintenance of the driveways.  They are used to level driveways, especially after stormy weather. When mounted with blades or box scaper, it’s easier to spread gravel or level the driveways. They are also used by road constructors to make driveways, especially in urban areas.

Animal Farm Management

The tractor can be used in many ways at the animal farm. Mini tractors can be attached with a miller to mill animal feed and hay. Can also be used to transport the same feed to animal cages. The carts are attached to those tractors to carry feeds. The other task that the tractor can do is to clean those animal pens or stalls. Mini tractors being small in size is an added advantage because it is easier for them to fit in those pens when cleaning.

Earning Money as an Added Advantage

Not everybody can afford to buy the mini tractor. Mini tractors for sale in Kenya are quite affordable. The tractor can make you some money by hiring it out to others who need its services. The business can be good if you get all the attachment tools for you to hire it.

Some brands of these tractors have been there for so many years and still the best. Their quality is still the same. And because of their reputation, the prices can be a bit higher.

There is an option of second-hand tractors but most important is to check whether it’s in good condition and mileage.

A good price is when there is a warrant. The prices range from one brand to the other. The popular brand range from Kenya shilling six hundred thousand but there are other cheaper walking tractors for sale in Kenya available at quarter to half the price. But the work done is not comparable to the prices.

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