Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Aluminium Ladders

Getting Aluminium Ladder Make Your Home and Business More Productive. The Ladder is a Good Solution for Your Requirements. Having a Light Weight Makes it the Most Preferred and Used Tool in The Market Today. The Ladder is Relatively Cheap Which Makes It Affordable to Many Industries. The Ladders have a Long Service Lifeand Can Work in Harsh Weather Conditions.

This article focuses on the properties and features that make Aluminium Ladders the best choice for you.

What are Aluminium Ladders?

Aluminium Ladders are stepping tools used at homes and industries. They make your work easier. The ladders are strong and have a low density. They are widely used in chemical industries, aviation sites, residential homes, shipbuilding, among other places.

Types of Aluminium Ladders

The ladders are available in different designs, sizes, and prices.  Your choice depends on your need. Below are the different types.

  • Double extension ladder for multiple tasks. The ladder is about 15 meters long.
  • Single pole ladder which is nine meters long.
  • Step ladder which has a length of six meters.

Aluminium ladder.

Features of Aluminium Ladders.

Aluminium Ladders have properties that make them the most sought tools in commercial industries. Listed below are the features which make them efficient.

They are recyclable. To extract Aluminium from bauxite requires an energy of five percent.

The ladders are rust-free which makes them durable.

They have a lightweight that makesthem easy to transport.

They are fire-resistant hence ideal for firefighters.

Aluminium Ladders are non-toxic. This makes good for food items preservation. They also usedthe manufacture of cooking vessels.

They are non-magnetic. They do not spark when struck with other items.

Aluminium reflects a lot of light of about 80 percent. You can see the ladder at a distance.

The ladders are a good conductor of heat and electricity which limit its operation.

How to Maintain Aluminium Ladders

Keeping an eye on your ladder makes it have an extended life span. It protects you from injuries and damage. Below are the tips to use when taking care of your ladder.

  1. Keep your ladder clean and in a safe environment.
  2. Replace the broken and bent parts regularly. Check the lubricating oil more often.
  3. Look for skilled individuals to fix your ladder if it is not functioning well.
  4. Read the Aluminium Ladder manual carefully.

Safety Precaution to Take When Using Aluminium Ladders

Do not work with the ladder near the electric field. It is a good conductor of electricity.

Do not use the ladder while drunk, tired, and if you are physically challenged.

Maintain the maximum required weight while working.

Keep the ladder on stable ground. It should not move.

Avoid crossing from one side to the other direction.

Avoid using the ladder in a strong wind.

Your hands should be below your head to maintain balance.

Keep a safe height from the top of the ladder of about one meter.

When climbing the ladder, keep a center gravity of the two pillars of your ladder.


The popularity of Aluminium Ladders has improved technology. Theirwell-advanced features make them unique a good alternative from other ladders. If you need a quality ladder, aluminium ladders for sale in Kenya are your best choice.

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