Flower Shows in India That You Can’t Miss

Throughout the year, grand and magnificent flower exhibitions are held in different parts of the country. They are not just bloom displays, but a celebration that includes activities that are fun and worthy to enjoy with family and friends. Below given is the list of top flowers shows that are held in India. Give it a read and we bet you can not afford to miss them

The Horticulture Show, Kolkata

Every winter, the Agricultural Society of Kolkata (formerly known as Calcutta) hosts a flower show that showcases different types of flowers. Truth be told, the horticultural society is one where individuals can find out about cultivation and giving of flowers as non-plants. They include fruits and vegetables. 

Flower Show, Noida & Gurgaon

During summer and winter flower shows are held throughout the region or some flower shows are held annually. The University of Delhi organizes an annual flower show held in Noida as well as Gurgaon. There is a Garden Tourism Festival annually in Delhi. There are roses, dahlias, bonsai, and many other flowers on display.

Chrysanthemum Show, Chandigarh 

One of the major flowers in Chandigarh is The Chrysanthemum Show, which takes place every year mainly in December in Sector 33. It has been held for more than a decade, and has exhibited several varieties of chrysanthemum, as well as other flowering plants and more than 10,000 pots. Various activities and competitions are also held during the show to make it more attractive and entertaining.

Annual Ooty Flower Show

The climate is always hot and dry as the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean surround the region with the exception of the west. The city sees an annual floral exhibition in the month of May. Tourists come from all over the world, both for flower shows and to see many picturesque areas of Ooty.

Tulip Festival, Srinagar

Held in Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. When visiting this garden during the flower festival, you will see about 70 types of tulips, such as standard tulips, double blooms, parrot tulips, fringe tulips, bi-color standard tulips, lily-flowering tulips. The beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains and the breathtaking Dal Lake make the overall viewing experience unforgettable.

Government Botanical Garden, Lalbagh, Bangalore

This wonderful garden was built by Hyder Ali and later looked after by his son Tipu Sultan. The British government gave it its current name. The famous flower show is held on Republic Day and Independence Day. Every year, they follow a theme. You should not miss this show. Go there at least once in your lifetime.

In recent years, floriculture has multiplied the production of flowers to meet the growing demand for flowers at every stage of our lives. And some top florists in India have actually portrayed the beauty of a flower by incorporating innovation in the designing of a flower. There are various online portals where you can order and send flower delivery in Hyderabad, delhi, noida or wherever you want. 

So, Book your tickets, pack your bags and visit the above flower festivals and fall in love with the beauty of incredible India.

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