Fly banners and their features

A flag is a cloth, usually rectangular in shape, which is a distinctive sign. It prints state symbols, corporate logos, information about products, services, company, events, sports competitions. For its installation, mounting and subsequent support, a special device is needed. A fly banner is used for this purpose. It is a vertical rack for raising the flag.

The existing models differ in size, shape, and materials of manufacture. They can be high and low, straight and bent, universal or designed to be placed only indoors or outdoors. Depending on the specific application, they have certain characteristics that set them apart from other options.

Features of fly banners

As it has already become clear, such a device is necessary in order to demonstrate flags and flags of different sizes. According to its design, it can be movable and stationary. The first version is the one that can be easily moved from one place to another, usually compact and lightweight. A flagpole of this type also has another name – Winder. It is a lightweight stand for curved flags.

According to the method of installation flagpoles are divided into:

  • These are small and lightweight products on which both state flags and those on which state symbols are applied. They are used in different companies and institutions, often they are also a part of the image and emphasize the prestige of the organization.
  • These are large constructions, on which large flags are mounted. Often, they are transported from place to place. For this purpose they are disassembled into parts – it is easy to do because floor models consist of several elements which are easily disassembled into one another.
  • Wall-mounted. The street flagpole, designed to advertise goods and services, to attract the attention of a potential visitor to a store, a shopping center or a competition venue, can also be attributed to this category.

Now there is a tendency to place flags with the logos of various companies on the table or floor for any purpose. Table stands, which are also considered mobile, are compact in size. There are variants on which several flags can be placed at once, usually up to three. The most convenient mobile flagpole of this type is usually made of plastic.

Another popular material for manufacture is wood. Such products are especially relevant during promotions, sales, business presentations, meetings with partners. During events or sports competitions car flagpoles are used. They are easily attached to the front and building windows and can withstand a strong wind.

A portable flagpole is more convenient and popular than a stationary one. But at the same time, the latter type is more reliable and stronger, as it is usually made of metal. It can withstand intense mechanical loads, frequent exposure to moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is not afraid of corrosion and retains its attractive appearance for a long time.

The most difficult to install are structures designed for the street. Standard flagpoles, made by the type of mast, have a base for concreting, a kind of foundation. They can also be equipped with rotating cables, tops, and other options for mounting. The set often includes a winch and a lock so that the flag can be easily raised and lowered.

Fly banners can also be called advertising structures. All because they are actively used to attract the attention of potential customers, promote products and services, forming the image of the company.

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