Food and Dessert Recipes That You Can Make At Home

We all are fond of street food. Isn’t it? The joy and taste of street food is incomparable. No posh restaurant or fancy cafe can ever match up to it. Most of us are health conscious or refrain from eating junk, but we all give up to the temptation of having street food. Everyone is allowed a cheat day.

Next to street food comes desserts. If street food is your love, desserts are the romance. Everyone has a weakness for desserts. It’s like a guilty pleasure for the ones who like to maintain a healthy diet. As lockdown is imposed, going to a bakery shop, sitting and having your favourite dessert won’t be possible. What’s feasible is cakes from FlowerAura Oman and street food from Swiggy and Zomato.

Now, many of you have to kill boredom and then you think why not try some recipes. Your taste buds are forever craving for something sweet and savoury. So, we have made a list of food recipes and dessert that you can make at home. Some of them are inspired by street food found on Dubai streets.

  • Shawarma: Shawarma found on the streets in Dubai is different and the Shawarma you found in restaurants is different. Basically, the authentic taste is found on the streets. Nothing compares to that. Will be replicating the same at home.
  • Take a soft flatbread
  • Put in the sliced chicken, lamb or beef. (Substitute it with some vegetarian dish like potato patty)
  • Roll in vegetables and sauces.

Your authentic shawarma is ready. Wasn’t it super easy? It will be ready in just minutes.

  • Shish Taouk Sandwich: An undiscovered street food recipe. Not a lot of tourists know about this local street food recipe. It is highly popular with the locals that know about this food recipe. Again easy to make, spicy and savoury.
  • Take a flatbread (You can make or buy the ready made one)
  • Stuff it with chicken, species, veggies, herbs, and pickles (In place of chicken, you can use any other ingredient).
  • You can toast it slightly
  • Oman Chips Roll: Oman chips are popular. They are one of a kind. Oman chips roll is the quickest recipe to make. It will be loved by kids as it has chips and the favourite ingredient, cheese. You can replace oman chips with other variety of chips
  • On a flatbread or any tortilla, spread cheese and stuff oman chips. You can use other sauces as well.
  • Roast it in butter or clarified butter or refined oil.
  • Samboosa: You must have heard of Samosa, and Samboosa is the Arab sister of this tasty fried dish. Samboosa is a street food recipe similar in shape, but with different filling. Afterall, fill-ings matter. It is a popular street food in Dubai and India.
  • Make pastry sheets from all-purpose flour
  • Make triangular pockets and fill them with vegetables, meat and exotic spices (you can forgo chicken if you are a vegetarian)
  • Seal the edges and fry until golden brown
  • It should be crisp
  • Chocolate Balls: These chocolate balls will melt in your mouth instantly. Even the kids will love it because it’s creamy and chocolatey. You can make it from leftover cake in your refrigerator. Just a few more ingredients and it will be ready
  • Crumble cake into a bowl
  • Add condensed milk, melted chocolate. Sugar is optional
  • Mix and make a dough
  • Make balls, dip in melted chocolate, refrigerate and serve
  • Pinata Cake: The sweet sensation everywhere. Pinata cakes are dearly loved by all. When you cannot order online, you can make it yourself at home. Your baking soul will be happy to try hands on it. You will need a silicon mould for it.
  • Melt white/dark/ milk chocolate
  • Pour into the mould, rotate to cover the edges and refrigerate to settle the chocolate
  • Peel off the first layer and make second in the same manner
  • Fill it with your choice of chocolates and treats

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